Z Burbia, a novel by Jake Bible

February 2, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


The initial novel in Jake Bible’s series Z Burbia bending me. What seemed to be a jokey take on zombie novella fast develops some good characters and story.

Jason “Long Pork” Stanford and his family live in a tiny village outward Asheville, NC. They’ve used a internal embankment and their HOA to secure a housing formidable and have spent several years gripping things together. Their close-knit policies and despotic confluence to a CCRs of Whispering Pines, their home, have kept them alive in a face of bandits, cannibals and of march hordes of zombies. Sadly, things are about to tumble apart.

I’ve enjoyed a characters, Bible has an ability to write small about folks, while not carrying them be cartoons. The plot, once we get past a condo organisation stuff, is rather customary Zombie fare, though I’m really most looking brazen to a rest of his series. we got a initial and second books around Kindle Unlimited.

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