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March 8, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

“Trouble on a Tracks,” by Nancy Oswald, Filter Press, $8.95

COTOPAXI — Retired clergyman Nancy Oswald has created another chronological novella novel for immature readers. “Trouble on a Tracks” is a messenger book to “Rescue during Poverty Gulch,” a Ruby and Maude Adventure set in 1896 in Cripple Creek.

Ruby May Oliver and her dickey and best friend, Maude, again come face to face with a scandalous Jake Hawker in “Trouble on a Tracks.” Ruby learns some-more than she ever wanted to know about Pinkertons, outlaws, disguises and sight rides, while her father reconsiders his courtship of Miss Sternum in sequence to give a lady a “proper” upbringing. And Trouble, a cat with an attitude, befriends Ruby and Maude.

Oswald, a Colorado native, has won several awards for her books, including a Willa Award. She is a two-time Spur Finalist, a Colorado Book Award finalist, and a two-time Evvy Award winner. Her other books are “Nothing Here yet Stones,” “Hard Face Moon,” “Insects in a Infield” and “Edward Wynkoop: Soldier and Indian Agent.”

“Trouble on a Tracks” can be purchased by a publisher during; during; or during Hastings in Canon City. More information about Oswald and her books is during

— Mary Jean Porter

“A Snapshot in Time,” by C.D. Sterner, CreateSpace, $10.95

Puebloan C.D. (Doug) Sterner has created a adore story that brings together a gentle university art highbrow who’s bleeding by a black genocide of his pleasing mother and a genuine college tyro who still severely feels a detriment of her father a decade earlier. Against a professor’s improved instincts, a dual tumble in love.

Billed as a May-September intrigue that blurs a lines between intrigue and erotica, Sterner’s story seems, to this reader, to be some-more about dual harm and waste people anticipating comfort in any other and training to live life entirely again.

Professor Ronald Anderson is a 39-year-old painter on sabbatical when 23-year-old play tyro Alice Jewett knocks on his door, anticipating to sell him a sheet to a uncover that will advantage a internal homeless shelter. It’s a prohibited day and he offers her a potion of iced tea, and they immediately start a dance of words, hers perplexing to claim autonomy and infer she’s not a child, and his perplexing to say appropriateness and a firm sequence of his world.

Out of kindness, he creates a portrayal for her (based on her stories) that cinema her father during her high propagandize graduation even yet he’d died as a outcome of fight injuries several years before. In turn, she agrees to lay for a mural that she hopes will make her seem secular and intimately enticing. The painter chooses to exhibit her loyal beauty, however. And, desirous by his new muse, Alice, he honors his joining to a university that he furnish a portrayal any division for a gallery, and he finds his approach behind from a despondency of “Anderson’s inferno” to resume his training and portrayal career.

“A Snapshot in Time” is accessible during in paperback, and is giveaway by Kindle Unlimited.

— Mary Jean Porter

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