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February 15, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

“The Disciple of Beauty: Philosopher’s Tale of Love, Tragedy, and Transcendence” by Steven Q. Fletcher is a literary novel created in 2008 (self-published in May 2015), and is 513 pages of a truly good read.

“Beauty is a ultimate oppression,” Eric James thinks as he views a tall, slim lass with a golden hair, intense in a final embers of a abode in The Potlatch Bar in a little seaport in Oregon. Eric sips Spanish sherry and smokes his siren while reading Hermann Hesse’s “Der Steppenwolf” by a light of a singular candle. Eric trembles with fun as a lady sits in a chair beside him, articulate of “seeing dancing horses using giveaway in a firelight, their manes drifting as they follow a wind.” Her beauty is so infinite that he is now incompetent to pronounce — shaken and weak. Come demeanour me adult someday when we are in New York she says. My name is Melissa.

Six months after Eric finds himself in New York, in a dim den filled with smoke, blather, and berry reek, and he plunges into a dark and anonymity. Suddenly a potion of sherry is in front of him, a pleasing lass with golden hair is again sitting beside him during a table. He was a male hopelessly mislaid who unexpected finds salvation. She looks during him and says, “I upheld by this place, and we knew we would be here.” Eric knew that he would give all he owned, even his possess life, for a curtsy from this poetic woman.

Eric sits during a helm of his vessel, his classroom, vocalization of how truly good works of a century have been innate of despair, protest, retreat and anguish. These are a batch and trade of a biggest literary and cinematic creations. The doubt he poses to his students — “if genocide is partial of life and a ultimate certainty, who do we go on living? We create.So fly into your destiny and let your creativity be your salvation, your fire of life, notwithstanding death.”

Little did Eric know, though his life would change perpetually as life and genocide swept in and consumed him. What would turn of this footman of beauty now that zero mattered? “The many suggestive tour we make in this life is a tour outward of ourselves, from a proportions of a self to a poser of a other.” Follow this unusual literary work as Eric is swept into a fanciful city of Paris, where he meets Dark Lily and changes a literary universe and a universe itself. You do not wish to skip this journey.

Fletcher binds degrees in English novel and philosophy, and he also has created a paranormal intrigue romance called “Damned By Love.” He resides in Williamsburg with his mother and their Yorkiepoo. The paperback chronicle of this book can be purchased from both Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $17.99. The e-book chronicle is accessible during Amazon for $3.99, giveaway to members of Kindle Unlimited.

Coiner has been a propagandize helper in Hampton for some-more than 19 years. She has a master’s grade in psychology and is operative toward a Ph.D.

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