Why Would Amazon Open a Real Bookstore?

November 4, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon – a digital behemoth whose extravagantly successful e-book, e-reader and online book offerings have been indicted of formulating a “cultural monopoly” that’s “destroying” a normal bookstore – indeed non-stop a normal bookstore on Tuesday in Seattle.

No longer usually a one-stop digital book emporium accessible on a inscription or mechanism screen, Amazon Books now occupies a brick-and-mortar storefront subsequent to a Banana Republic in Seattle’s University Village, in a same offered core where a Barnes Noble used to lay before shuttering a doors in 2011.

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“We’ve practical 20 years of online book-selling knowledge to build a store that integrates a advantages of offline and online book shopping,” Jennifer Cast, clamp boss of Amazon Books, pronounced in a matter Monday. “The books in a store are comparison formed on Amazon.com patron ratings, pre-orders, sales, recognition on Goodreads, and a curators’ assessments.”

The ubiquitous decrease of a brick-and-mortar book emporium and a duration arise of e-books has been good documented, that creates a e-commerce giant’s incursion into earthy storefronts all a some-more interesting. Annual sales during U.S. bookstores appearance in 2007 and have plummeted ever since, according to a Census Bureau’s sell trade statistics.


Bookstore sales in 2014 forsaken to their lowest levels in dual decades. By a finish of a year, profits were down some-more than 2.7 percent from where they were in 1995, when Amazon initial began offered books online. And brick-and-mortar sales in a initial 9 months of 2015 fell brief of sales during a same duration in 2014, suggesting this year will finish adult being even worse than last.

Major brick-and-mortar sell bondage like Borders, Waldenbooks, Atlantic Books and B. Dalton began hemorrhaging income when people corroborated off physical book-buying, forcing thousands of storefronts to shutter. Data from stat portal Statista and research firm IBISWorld advise a series of earthy book-selling storefronts open for business in a U.S. fell by around 10,000 between 2004 and 2012.


By 2018, only somewhat some-more than 22,500 bookstores are projected to be operational opposite a country, a pointy decrease from a 38,539 open in 2004. A some-more new guess from IBISWorld paints an even grimmer picture, suggesting attention income will decrease nearly 30 percent between 2010 and 2015.

E-books, meanwhile, have exploded in new years as tablets and digital reading inclination have turn some-more popular. More than 510 million e-books were sole in 2014, according to an annual news from a Association of American Publishers. That’s usually bashful of a series of hardback books sole in a same year (568 million) and doesn’t even count books review by subscription services like Scribd and Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Revenue from e-book sales ballooned 3.8 percent in 2014 to $3.37 billion.

In a apart news progressing this year, a organisation said e-book sales were down 10.3 percent in a initial half of 2015 from a same duration a year earlier. But companies participating with a organisation reportedly accounted for usually 32 percent of all Kindle books sole – that was down significantly from Feb 2014. So that 10 percent decrease came within a timorous subset of a e-book market.

Another investigate expelled progressing this year by a International Data Corporation found that inscription shipments in a fourth entertain of 2014 dipped for a initial time given a organisation began tracking a sum behind in 2010. While a decrease in inscription shipments isn’t good news for a e-book industry, that mostly depends on readers owning inscription devices, it’s value observant that tellurian inscription shipments via 2014 were eventually adult 4.4 percent year over year.

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In any case, a past few years haven’t been kind to earthy bookshops nationwide. So because would Amazon open adult a store in Seattle? There are a integrate of reasons.

Amazon has betrothed that a prices it offers in-store will be a same as those listed on Amazon.com, so a earthy plcae allows a association to interest to those who don’t have a reasonable approach to entrance e-books or those who would usually rather reason a physical book. And for those that sequence earthy books for smoothness off of Amazon.com, a sell plcae takes shipping hassles out of a equation.

And paperbacks are still generally supposed as a country’s elite process of literary consumption. A whopping 942 million paperbacks were sole final year, according to a AAP, compared with 568 million hardbacks and 510 million e-books. So even though  that e-book guess might undershoot final year’s tangible sales total, paperbacks are still suspicion to authority a lion’s share of a book and edition industry.

Seattle’s University Village wasn’t selected during pointless as belligerent 0 for Amazon’s entrance into a bookstore market, either. Google Maps estimates a plcae is usually about 4 miles from Amazon’s corporate domicile in Seattle, that could means Amazon executives some-more approach slip of a store.

Additionally, a store’s vicinity to a University of Washington is frequency an accident. Amazon has non-stop adult a handful of earthy locations in new years where students can go and collect adult orders they done online, and a association has a story of recruiting tip talent from a University of Washington, in particular.

Seattle was also ranked progressing this year as
America’s many well-read city by nothing other than Amazon.com. Amazon gathered “data of all book, repository and journal sales in both imitation and Kindle format” between Apr 2014 and Apr 2015 of all cities with some-more than 500,000 residents.

Seattle finished adult on top, followed by Portland, Oregon; Las Vegas; Tucson, Arizona; and a nation’s capital. It’s misleading either Amazon skeleton on expanding a brick-and-mortar try over a Emerald City, though a initial sell plcae doesn’t seem to have been a shot in a dark. 

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