Why is Kindle Oasis so expensive?

April 13, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

First a distance wows you, afterwards a cost floors you. That Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis is a skinniest, many unusually-designed nonetheless didn’t come as a finish warn interjection to progressing leaks, though a eye-watering cost in a flagship mark during a apex of a company’s ereader operation positively forsaken some jaws. The doubt is: is a Kindle Oasis value a price?

Although there are transparent similarities between a Kindle Voyage and a Oasis, with a dual regulating a same core E Ink arrangement record and a same processor, it’s not to contend that a new ereader is a candid repackage. The surrounding is new, for instance, with Amazon branch to an electroplating routine some-more ordinarily found in aerospace production to clad a stretchable polymer core with metal.

Amazon Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Voyage

The 6-inch e-paper shade is familiar, though it’s now formed on a many thinner, somewhat stretchable potion substrate to make it lighter and some-more volatile to amiable tortuous and drops. It also compulsory a poignant change in how a wiring are wired, relocating a connectors from a shorter corner to a longer instead: that meant Amazon could fit some-more LEDs, too, creation a enlightenment brighter and some-more even.

In short, there’s a cost concerned in pulling divided from a unaccompanied chunk to a modular design, and a engineering that goes into that.

Still, there’s no denying that Kindle Oasis is labelled intentionally during a high-premium finish of a ereader market. The $290 “entry-level” indication usually indeed gets we WiFi and a pleasure of observant Amazon’s special offer adverts on a standby screen. If we wish a preference of 3G, you’re looking during $70 more, and if we don’t wish a promotion that’s another $20.

Altogether, you’re looking during $379.99 for a maxed-out Kindle Oasis, reduction than $20 divided from an iPad mini 2 with WiFi + LTE in fact.

It begs a question: given go for a dedicated ereader when we could have a distant some-more stretchable inscription instead?


Amazon doesn’t see that as a problem and we think that, for a right user, it could even be a benefit. For a start, a association has prolonged pronounced – and reiterated to me when display me a Kindle Oasis – that a idea of a ereader line isn’t to sell hardware though to start a long-standing attribute with a reader.

That relationship, of course, is one where Amazon continues to sell we books and we stay constant given you’ve invested in dedicated hardware to devour them. Interestingly, Amazon has found that even when people pointer adult to a $9.99 per month Kindle Unlimited devise – that includes entrance to 1m+ titles – they still finish adult shopping around 30-percent some-more unchanging ebooks too.

Amazon also showed me a video of some of a marketplace investigate it had carried out, display zealous readers – and stream Kindle owners – a new Oasis and recording their gasps of “it’s magical” and “I feel like I’m intrigue on my Kindle Voyage for wanting it”.

Notably, while all voiced several degrees of coveting for a new Kindle, nothing commented on a price.

As someone who reads a lot and carries a satisfactory few inclination too, a unaccompanied purpose of a Kindle – no Twitter notifications, no email to confuse me – has an advantage in gripping me focused, too.

Just how many Kindle Oasis ereaders does Amazon indeed design to sell? Unsurprisingly, a association isn’t saying, though a fact that it joins a Kindle choice rather than replacing any specific indication strongly suggests that Amazon isn’t envisaging a mass bolt toward a reward finish of a range.


That leaves a $80 Kindle during a entry-level, and a $120 Kindle Paperwhite – that Amazon says is a many renouned indication – for those who wish easier night reading. If we don’t wish to spend anything during all, a giveaway Kindle apps for several platforms meant we can still chuck your ebook income during Amazon but coughing adult for dedicated hardware.

I know a Oasis push-back. As an zealous reader myself, a new indication has transparent appeal: easier to reason and navigate single-handed, lighter than a paperback book, and of march skinny adequate to be appreciative in a geeky way.

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At a same time, even we dark during a suspicion of spending $280+ on one. The Kindle Voyage that I’ve been regulating has all a same program features, is light and easy to read, and unexpected – even during $200 for a WiFi-only indication – seems roughly affordable.

It’s some-more than I, personally, could justify, generally given I’d wish a 3G chronicle (I usually ever seem to remember to download a new book when I’m sat on a plane, racing to collect something before they tighten a boarding door).

I’ll be hostile when we fundamentally see other people holding their Oasis, of course. Hopefully a lessons Amazon has schooled from conceptualizing and production a new indication will drip down to a some-more affordable ereaders earlier rather than later.

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