Why audiobooks are good for multitaskers, travellers and immature readers

May 18, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

What book partner among us has not wished that they could get paid to read? For veteran audiobook anecdotist Karen White, a dream came loyal when she was awaiting her initial child 16 years ago. Now, with some-more than 200 books recorded, she says her entertainment training, knowledge operative with directors in studios, and her voice training have been pivotal to her success.

“Changes in record have done it probable for me to work wholly from home. When we started out, we had to go to a studio and work with an operative and director. Now, we have a studio in my residence and we can revise as we go. we can upload a files directly to a prolongation companies. It’s not easy work, though we adore it, and it allows me to have a career as a performer and still be there when my kids get home from school,” White says.

The audiobook business is gaining a foothold in a normal book industry.

I like to listen to audiobooks while my son is doing sports. Listening to a story enables me to keep an eye on a round and seem riveted, while we occupy my mind in a some-more active approach during a same time.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, advises that readers should use audiobooks “if you’re perplexing to form a habit. If we don’t suffer going for a daily walk, though wish to get that exercise, try pairing your travel with an enchanting audiobook. The time will fly.”

There are several resources for high-quality audiobooks. Be certain to download from a creditable site and name an uncondensed version. Sometimes a author reads their possess book, though veteran audiobook readers move characters to life in an sparkling and pointed way.

To find good audiobooks, there are publications such as AudioFile magazine, or successful audiobook bloggers Audiobook Jukebox, Literate Housewife, Guilded Earlobe and AudioGals. The website Goodreads is a value trove of information about books and has an audiobooks territory that offers all from recommendations to technical advice.

A paid subscription to Amazon’s Audible.com is a bullion standard, though with a subscription rate of US$14 per month, it is expensive. It does offer a giveaway service, though it’s not advertised. Audible has Whispersync technology, that lets we gold an audiobook with a squeeze of a Kindle book, so we can go behind and onward between e-book and audiobook. Downpour.com is a arguable choice but a vast subscription fee.

Subscription-based Tales2Go has some-more than 1,700 titles for children, and can be review on adult to 5 devices, so a whole family can use one subscription.

AudioFile has an inducement programme called Sync. It gives divided dual finish audiobook downloads weekly, including a immature adult pretension interconnected with a classical or compulsory summer reading title, to listeners aged 13 and over. Most titles are accessible for download outward a US. OverDrive.com gives entrance to library collections around a universe by a downloadable app.

Gweneth Rehnborg is a house member of Bring Me A Book, a heading disciple for family education in Hong Kong bringmeabook.org.hk

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