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July 23, 2014 - Kindle Unlimited

The new book-borrowing use Amazon (AMZN) announced final week, Kindle Unlimited, is a tighten cousin to Amazon Prime Music. Both predicate a question, “Why buy calm when we can compensate one cost to devour as many as we want?”

Before responding that question, a basics. Kindle Unlimited creates a immeasurable swath of Amazon’s digital book library, about 600,000 titles in all, accessible for total browsing for $10 a month. That means we can review as many (or as few) books as we like and we compensate one cost for a privilege. You don’t get to keep a books, of course, so if we finish your subscription, we remove entrance to anything you’ve “borrowed.”

This approach, while potentially appealing to readers, isn’t generally innovative. A series of ebook subscription services have been operational for some time. Oyster, for example, boasts a catalog of 500,000 books for $10 a month, while Scribd offers entrance to 400,000 titles for a monthly assign of $9. And Entitle, that operates a small differently, charges $15 a month yet lets we download and keep dual books any month from a preference of 200,000 titles.

In principle, Amazon’s new devise gives readers some-more flexibility, enabling them to review as many as they like for a singular low price. And for some people, it expected is a good deal. You can use a open-ended subscription of Kindle Unlimited to “graze,” browsing books until we find a book that unequivocally grabs your attention. There’s no cost or chastisement for reading a section or dual and relocating on to another title.

But use also has limitations, that we should cruise before committing to a subscription. First and foremost, it’s value observant that books are an inherently opposite middle than music. While it’s probable to truly take advantage of a immeasurable library of song regulating a prosaic subscription, many people don’t finish an whole book in even an whole month; we have to be utterly a starved reader to review adequate books for a $10 cost to be a smarter investment than shopping a book undisguised for a listed cover price.

Even if we do review adequate to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited, be wakeful that we don’t get to select any book in Amazon’s immeasurable library. Five vital publishers — Simon Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette, MacMillan and Penguin — have all opted out of a plan. That means we won’t be reading many Steven King or Dan Brown on Kindle Unlimited, nor can we review Brad Thor’s “Act of War,” a book now sitting atop a New York Times bestseller list.

Oyster and Scribd offer books from Simon Schuster and HarperCollins, definition they competence be improved options for some readers. Amazon’s advantage, though, is a distant some-more extensive array of upheld platforms, including their possess Kindle devices, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Oyster and Scribd are some-more limited. Thankfully, if you’re meddlesome in an ebook subscription, we can try any of a services for giveaway for 30 days.

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