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May 22, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


Did we know that when you purchase a Kindle e-book it is probable to exceeded a series of inclination that can review it on? If we go above a certain threshold we will have no chance though to call Amazon to reset a e-Book license.

The normal Kindle e-book from a vital publisher has 6 inclination it can be installed on, though we have seen some usually concede dual of three. This goes opposite a Amazon truth where we can review e-books on a Kindle Cloud Reader, apps, e-readers and Fire tablets.

How do we know how many times a Kindle book can be review on mixed inclination before we have to buy it again? If we corkscrew down to a Kindle sum page it will tell we and if there is no margin that says “Simultaneous Device Usage,” we can assume a a default, that is six.


The usually time when we can review a e-books on an total series of inclination is if it’s created by an indie author that uses Kindle Direct Publishing.

We live in a universe where many readers have an e-reader, tablet, smartphone and a crowd of comparison devices. If we have a few favorite e-books we can fast go above your device limit. we consider a time for Amazon to boost a default limit.

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