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November 9, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited


Amazon launched their initial bookstore in Seattle this week and Good e-Reader was live on a scene. It was a goal to take a demeanour how Amazon has setup a arrangement area for a Kindle e-readers, Fire Tablets and other equipment such as a Echo and Dash. Many tech stores already sell these items, though this is a initial time Amazon has had approach control over a approach they were presented.

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It is critical to initial note a approach a bookstore is indeed constructed. The bookshelves are unequivocally tighten to any other and we can tell Amazon deliberately positioned them this approach and modeled them after a nightclub. If we have dual people in any given aisle, we will always be somewhat touching a chairman subsequent to you.


Amazon has clinging a limit series of block footage to a e-reader arrangement areas of a Kindle. There is a unequivocally vast area where people will not strike into any other and this is to give people a possibility to try a Paperwhite, Voyage, or Basic out and not have to constantly bumping into people.

Next to any e-reader is a tiny label that tells we a tiny bit about a device, in terms of altogether specs. The Paperwhite and Voyage are hyping a built in reading light and high fortitude displays, while a Basic appeals to a a infrequent reader who competence never have owned a Kindle before.


This design shows we how most Amazon is perplexing to unequivocally pull a unequivocally affordable $50 Kindle Fire. They even are unequivocally hyping adult a 6 pack, where we can get a bonus if we wish to take a thrust and buy a Fire for everybody we know.

Each Fire has a span of headphones, so we can play some games or listen to Prime Music or watch some Amazon Instant Videos. Underneath a arrangement area are things like Amazon Gift Cards, USB cables and SD cards.


Last year Amazon introduced the Fire for Kids tablet and it had a lot going for it, including a rubberized case, year-long subscription to Amazon’s FreeTime – Amazon’s use that offers a curated and locked-down catalog of games, apps, videos and books – as good as a two-year warranty. There were a operation of sizes accessible such as a 6 in. for $149 and $189 for a 7-inch version.

This year Amazon motionless to not make a same inscription in dual opposite shade sizes and is simply charity one 7 in. kids tablet. The association has now forsaken a cost of a hardware to $99.99, that includes a kid-proof box along with a guaranty and year of FreeTime Unlimited.

Amazon has dual demo units where a Freetime interface is loaded, so relatives can see a interface is like, though this area is especially for kids. The bumpers on a tablets have splendid and colourful colors to attract a eye.  Underneath a arrangement area are headphones in pinkish and blue and Hello Kitty accessories.


Amazon Echo, also famous as Alexa, is a voice authority device that is always listening. Its functions embody doubt answering, personification song and determining intelligent devices.

Amazon is always adding new facilities to their tiny pet project. You can now listen to audiobooks from Audible or listen to underline news articles and stories.

Amazon is regulating this area to hype adult their harmony with Philips Hue intelligent lights and they also sell a lights right underneath a arrangement area.


Amazon is regulating a smallest arrangement area to foster their Audible service, where they have a few demo units installed adult with a audiobook app, so we can get yourself unprotected to it, if we never listened to one before. They also have a Kindle Basic available, with a few books that have recently got a film treatment, such as Andy Weirs The Martian.


Throughout a bookstore, Amazon has strategically placed a series of Kindle Basic e-readers. we counted around 12 opposite units sitting on several bookshelves, right subsequent to large name authors. Basically, each singular shelf in a whole store, had a Kindle.

This is a initial time that we have ever seen a bookstore place such a complicated importance on e-readers. Barnes and Noble sequesters them to a specific area of a store, routinely only on a plain white table. WH Smith, Waterstone’s and other UK bookstores banish e-readers to one unequivocally tiny area,  normally during a unequivocally behind of a store.

Amazon is a excellent instance of how we can mix digital readers and imitation in a required bookstore.  They have a bigger tech area than any other bookstore in Canada, US and UK.  The fact that e-Readers are all over a store tells me that Amazon does not see a eminence between reading print, or digital.

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