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November 11, 2014 - Kindle Unlimited

My brother Max sent me this square by Dustin Curtis on because Amazon Has No Taste.

Dustin writes that:

“[A]s Amazon has expelled some-more and some-more pieces of junk over a past integrate of years, I’ve mislaid faith. The Fire Phone, for example, is not usually bad; it’s so terrible that it’s prejudiced of Amazon to sell it to anyone. There are 0 people on Earth who would be improved off owning a Fire Phone instead of an Android phone. I’m not exaggerating–go find one to play with, and you’ll understand. The hardware is deplorable and a module is embarrassing. You would have to be delusional as a manager to launch it and tell people that it is a well-made phone.”

Why is a Fire Phone such a disaster, and many of a other Amazon inclination like a Kindle Fire “pieces of junk”.  Dustin blames Amazon’s insularity.  

“It’s an relate chamber. They make a product, they marketplace a product on, they sell a product to customers, they get a fake clarity of success, a patron puts a product in a drawer and never uses it, and afterwards Amazon moves on to a subsequent product.”

What Dustin does not residence is because a Kindle e-readers are such a vivid difference to Amazon’s hardware woes. My Kindle Paperwhite is a glorious reading device. A pleasure to review with.  A tool that has dramatically increasing how many books we review (and buy).  

The reason that a Kindle Paperwhite (and from we review a Kindle Voyage) is so good comes down to dual explanations: diligence and a platform.  

Persistence:  Amazon’s initial Kindle was astoundingly ugly. They iterated on a device until they got it right. Amazon’s diligence means that it would be a mistake to count Bezos and association out on a smartphone fight utterly yet.  The Fire Phone was a disaster, though we cruise that Amazon will learn from a mistakes. What Amazon should have finished was recover a easier phone with both a heavily subsidized monthly devise bundled with Amazon digital content.  

Platform:  The reason that a Kindle Paperwhite is so good is usually partly due to a tangible device.  The genuine value of a Kindle is how easy and affordable Amazon creates digital book buying.  The Kindle would be of really small value though a affordable e-books on  I would cruise a Fire Phone if it came bundled with an Audible Platinum subscription.  Amazon needs to dramatically urge a Kindle Unlimited program, as a e-book and Audible collection that comes with a $9.99 monthly cost is atrocious, though a improved Kindle Unlimited bundled with a Fire Phone would also be compelling.   Amazon should have directed a phone initial during book lovers.  Or college students, as Amazon could gold digital textbooks with a Fire Phone.   

The diligence and height advantaged that Amazon has relied on with a Kindle leads me to have some-more certainty in a destiny of Amazon’s hardware.  Give a Fire Phone 3 years.  

None of this creates Dustin wrong.  He competence be reduction sanguinary about a destiny of Amazon than we am (apparently he sole his Amazon stock), though he is scold about Amazon’s insularity.  We competence not determine with all that Apple, Google or Microsoft do, though during slightest they uncover adult on campus to talk.  You competence contend that Amazon doesn’t sell to aloft ed like Apple, Google or Microsoft – though that misses a tie between aloft ed, books, and reading.  What has Amazon finished to bond their platforms, products and calm with tomorrow’s book buyers (today’s college students)?  Yes, books are usually a little partial of Amazon, though books are a primary connector to a Amazon ecosystem.  What would Amazon need to do to make a Fire Phone a smartphone of choice for college students?  That is a contention that would be good to have, though it is not transparent that there is anyone during Amazon meddlesome in carrying that chat.

What do we cruise of a destiny of Amazon’s hardware?

What would we wish to speak about with Amazon if they wanted to speak with you?

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