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January 29, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

We’re behind again with another in a weekly reading list posts of books we consider a village will find engaging and suspicion provoking. Once again, shopping a book around a Amazon links in this story also helps support Techdirt.

This week’s book is (I think…) a initial novella book in a series. It’s also not out yet, though it’s entrance out on Tuesday so we can pre-order it now. It’s Barry Eisler’s new Ed Snowden-inspired thriller The God’s Eye View. Barry was kind adequate to send me a pre-publication breeze of a book and it’s smashing on mixed levels. First off, it’s a “can’t put it down, have to keep branch a pages” thriller that you’d design from Eisler, whose prior thrillers have finished adult on a NY Times best seller list. He knows how to keep we totally gripped to a story and in a state of torment throughout.

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But it’s some-more than usually a page-turner thriller. The book is clearly desirous by a Ed Snowden revelations, and not usually does it have tons of small Easter Eggs for people who have followed a notice debate, though it also includes during a finish sum of how many of a “crazy” and outlandish view programs and strategy described in a book are actually function today, formed on a Snowden leaks and other associated inquisitive stating and whistleblowers. So it’s an educational book as well, that helps prominence why we should be so disturbed about a kind of energy and notice a NSA is able of pulling off today. If we wish to remonstrate someone because a NSA’s powers are so concerning, and wish to do it in a truly interesting way, this is a book for you.

It’s also flattering inexpensive for a new recover these days. If you’re sealed adult for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, it’s indeed enclosed so it doesn’t cost anything extra. But if you’re not, a ebook is usually $5.99, that is approach next many ebooks these days. If we don’t know Barry Eisler, he’s a former CIA spook, who became a best offered novelist, and who famously turned down a outrageous edition agreement to self-publish. He’s also written a garland of guest posts for us and been on a podcast (twice!).

Finally, if you’re in a California Bay Area, on Wednesday night, I’ll be interviewing Barry during a Commonwealth Club eventuality about a new book and substantially lots of other topics as good (surveillance, edition and who knows what else…). It’ll be a fun discussion, so if you’re in a area, check it out. And, possibly way, we rarely suggest a book.

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