Tech Earnings Roundup: AAPL, FB, AMD, GRMN, FIT, More

May 11, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

A horde of record companies reported final week including Apple AAPL , Facebook FB , Advanced Micro Devices AMD , Garmin GRMN , Fitbit FITB and more. In fact, around 71.0% of tech companies have reported so distant according to a latest benefit trends report, of that 79.5% kick on income and 77.3% kick on earnings. Moreover, while zone revenues grew usually 6.4%, benefit enlargement was most stronger during 16.5%. 

So let’s burst true to a tip benefit for a week-


Apple : Apple’s second entertain income and benefit were both well forward of a Zacks Consensus Estimate . The approaching negatives that didn’t take anyone by warn were a decrease in iPhone units and ASP, decrease in iPad units, and debility in China.

Although not a good entertain by any means, there were some splendid spots: continued enlargement in Other income (up 31%), Services (up 18%), App Store (up 40%) and Macs (up 14%, helped by a new MacBook Pro). India binds promise, stability to grow during a double-digit rate off a comparatively tiny base.

Moreover, craving invasion continues to boost (important new clients in a final entertain embody Volkswagen and Capital One), helped by partnerships with companies like Cisco CSCO , IBM, and some-more recently, SAP and Deloitte. Overall, Apple increasingly looks like a plain value buy.

Facebook : Facebook also beat a Zacks Consensus Estimates for both income and earnings. Monthly active users (MAUs) were adult 17% year over year to 1.94 billion. Daily Active Users (DAUs) were adult 18% to 1.28 billion. The cost per ad also continues to increase, explanation of a platform’s popularity.

As a result, sum promotion revenues were adult 51% and mobile promotion revenues adult 58%. Although, of course, with markets saturating, it might have to boost a ad bucket to keep on a enlargement trail and this will impact user experience.

Offsetting that negative, however, is a awaiting of augmenting pity of strange and protected calm that could make it a video hub. Then there’s a augmenting array of platforms it has with billion and users, serve augmenting income prospects. So this one stays a enlargement batch for a foreseeable future.

AMD : Advanced Micro Devices cut waste to accommodate a Zacks Consensus Estimate on a bottom line while violence on a tip line. The company’s superintendence unhappy however given investors generally approaching a sparkling new products (Ryzen in PCs and Naples in servers) to beget some-more in income and minister some-more to boost this year.

To make matters worse, government pronounced that AMD substantially wouldn’t benefit poignant share from Intel INTC in 2017. This could usually be counsel on management’s partial and it’s value zero that even tiny share gains could be suggestive for a struggling chipmaker. The uncertainties make AMD a unsure bet.

Garmin : In a seasonally softer initial quarter, Garmin’s formula beat a Zacks Consensus Estimates on both tip and bottom lines. Garmin has a unequivocally good equivalent business opposite a Auto/Mobile, Fitness, Aviation, Outdoor and Marine segments. The final entertain is typically a stronger entertain for a Marine business, though Aviation (longer sales cycle) and Outdoor (driven by wearables) also did well.

This is a unequivocally well-managed association display comparatively unchanging domain enlargement notwithstanding a shred (Auto/Mobile) in physical decline. It also has a healthy change piece (no debt) and manages to lapse money to investors.

Fitbit : Fitbit matched a Zacks Consensus Estimate on a bottom line while surpassing on a tip line. The association is saying augmenting foe from Garmin and Jawbone, that is impacting results. The association has reorganized itself underneath a consumer and craving segments.

The association is doing comparatively good in a EMEA and Asia where revenues grew 15.4% and 61.5%, respectively. But this was equivalent by debility in a Americas, utterly a U.S.

Some Other Tech Earnings From Last Week : FireEye , Arrow , NXP Semiconductors , ActiVision , Zynga , Cognizant , Paylocity , GoDaddy , Akamai , Automated Data Processing , Qorvo , Square , Groupon, Alibaba.


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Other stories


Apple Launches $1 Billion Investment Fund : Apple announced that it was formulating a billion dollar account for modernized tech production practice on CNBC’s Mad Money show. The association pronounced that this wasn’t a initial time it was contracting people in a nation given a 80K employees opposite 50 states in RD, patron support, financial services and Apple’s 271 U.S. stores.

Apple would like to supplement to that a U.S.-based suppliers like Corning and 3M, that it says formula in 450K jobs and afterwards of march there’s a App Store ecosystem of developers that Apple says generates 1,530K jobs. This it says means that Apple is obliged for 2 million U.S. jobs.

Dianne Bryant Leaves Intel : Intel has announced that information core arch Dianne Bryant will be holding a leave of 6-8 months for personal reasons. Since her position is so important, it won’t do to leave a position vacant. As a result, Navin Shenoy, SVP and GM of a Client Computing Group (CCG) will fill a position while Murthy Renduchintala oversees a CCG section on an halt basis.

HBO Shows to Quit Amazon in 2018 : In a benefit call, Time Warner pronounced that it will take HBO shows off Amazon by a finish of 2018. The agreement between a companies brought a poignant array of viewers to HBO, though given Amazon was a approach aspirant of a company’s possess streaming use HBO Now, it didn’t make clarity to continue a partnership. The dispute of seductiveness was unavoidable and is approaching to be a box for other calm providers to Amazon as well, that is substantially a reason a association is spending so heavily on strange content.

Amazon A.I. Hub in UK : Amazon will open a 60,000 sq ft RD core for appurtenance learning, worker technology, streaming video record and Amazon Web Services after this year. The space can accommodate adult to 400 engineers though Amazon hasn’t pronounced how many it will start off with. Kindle, Echo and Alexa teams are approaching to pierce to a plcae in Cambridge.


Google Tax Settlement in Italy : While Google has reason in a past that it has complied with taxation laws in each nation of operation, it is now in a routine of reaching settlements so it can continue to do business peacefully. It has now staid with a Italian taxation authorities for a sum volume of $306 million (of that $3 million is payable to Ireland) for a duration between 2002 and 2015. When settling, Google pronounced that it was profitable a volume in further to a taxes already paid in a pronounced years. It still has to settle with France and Spain.

Developments on Google-Uber Case : While there appears to be poignant inconclusive justification of Uber’s shame and it might have (through Levandowski) energetic off Waymo record and trade secrets, Judge Alsup has now pronounced that Waymo unsuccessful to settle a couple between a burglary and Uber. Google has so distant not sued Levandowski and instead entered into settlement with him while suing Uber.

It now looks like Waymo will mislay a box if it doesn’t change a strategy. [Recap: Levandowski downloaded 14K files and left Waymo though notice, receiving $250 million a day after as a limited batch award. Levandowski afterwards shaped self-driving lorry association Otto that was subsequently acquired by Uber.]

EU Closes Antitrust Probe into eBooks : The European Commission motionless to let Amazon off a offshoot on a basement of commitments it done to change a ebook contracts to mislay anti-competitive elements. If Amazon fails to comply, a EU can excellent it adult to 10% of a annual turnover.

New Products/Technology

Windows 10S : At a EDU eventuality in New York, Microsoft announced a Windows 10S handling complement (locked down chronicle of Windows 10 Pro) that it says will boost speed and confidence of devices. The OS will usually run Windows 10 apps or those that can be accessed from a Windows Store, definition that usually those apps that have been converted regulating a Universal Windows Platform will be accessible for a 10S.

The default browser is Edge and a default hunt engine is Bing (and that can’t be changed). So typing in queries into a residence bar would use Microsoft program usually though if anyone’s unequivocally dynamic to use Google, they can emanate a bookmark or save it as a home page.

Currently, 7 PC makers have sealed on to make Windows 10S PCs that will sell for during slightest $189. Microsoft itself has launched a neat and pricey ($999) Surface formed on a 10S. It’s approaching that a Surface is targeted during Apple’s Macbooks while a OEM models are targeted during Chromebooks, that have turn utterly renouned during a high and low operation of a preparation market.

MA and Collaborations

Cisco Buys Viptella : Cisco has bought Viptella, that creates a program tangible far-reaching area network (SD-WAN). A WAN is generally used to bond geographically diluted offices. The need to cut networking costs has led companies to go for program tangible networking record given it eliminates costly hardware.

Cisco is one of a bequest high-end hardware vendors and has been a small delayed to adjust to a change in marketplace demand, so it has suffered from a trend. But a association has over a final few years stepped adult merger spending to fill a gap. The Viptella merger might be approaching to assistance Cisco in this honour as a company’s cloud-first record packs in capabilities and scale nonetheless it is comparatively easy to deploy.

Cisco Buys Data Analytics Team : Sagezza, that essentially creates information analytics and cognisance collection for a financial services industry, will send record and talent to Cisco for an undisclosed amount. Cisco is looking for a name organisation of experts in Santa Clara and India with singular capabilities in cloud and secure height expansion with a idea of improving a network automation. The group will join Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Engineering Group, led by SVP Ravi Chandrasekaran.

Amazon-Marvel in Comic Tie-Up : Amazon has combined name Marvel comic titles to a comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading subscriptions. The “Unlimited” in a pretension doesn’t indeed impute to entrance to a 100,000 clever library from 125 publishers worldwide, though is still a good understanding given it offers a rotating brew of some 10K comics for $5.99. It’s also opposite from Marvel Unlimited, that gives we a whole Marvel array that’s during slightest 6 months aged for $9.99, notwithstanding from Marvel’s not-as-good digital platform.

Twitter Live Content Deals : Twitter has sealed a array of new live calm deals in sports, party and news with Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), BuzzFeed, Bloomberg News, The Verge and Live Nation. The streaming deals and news that billionaire Mark Cuban has started flourishing certain on Twitter prospects were certain for a company’s share price. Cuban, who has been a fan of A.I. for some time pronounced that Twitter got a act together finally on a behind of A.I, that led him to start shopping shares in a company.

Some Numbers

Tablet Sales Decline : IDC says inscription section shipments declined 8.5% in a initial entertain of 2017 to 36.2 million units as continued enlargement in detachables couldn’t equivalent a high and physical decrease in slates. The heading actor Apple (24.6% share) saw shipments decrease for 13 th true quarter.  

Number 2 Samsung (16.5% share) is focused on detachables and now offered a few Windows-based ones. Huawei (7.4% share) is a usually association saying certain enlargement (31.7%) off a smaller base. Amazon’s Kindle Fire follows with 6.0% marketplace share with Lenovo (5.7% share) rounding out a tip five.

Samsung as Chipmaker : IC Insights, in a new investigate news speculates that Samsung is staid to turn a world’s largest chipmaker in terms of sales if DRAM and NAND memory prices reason adult or boost by a year. This would excommunicate Intel, that has reason a tip mark given 1993.

The investigate organisation now expects a DRAM marketplace to grow 39% and a NAND marketplace to grow 25% this year. It records that Intel’s sales were 40% aloft than Samsung’s in a initial entertain of 2016 and cost increases over a past year narrowed a opening between a dual hulk chipmakers.

Google, Facebook Becoming Media Companies : Google primogenitor Alphabet has surfaced media group Zenith’s Top 30 Global Media Owners. According to Zenith, Google and Facebook together took 20% of a world’s promotion bill opposite platforms in 2016. They were followed by Comcast, Baidu, The Walt Disney Company, 21 st Century Fox, CBS Corporation, iHeartMedia, Microsoft and Bertelsmann. Thirtieth ranked Twitter was a fastest grower (up 734%). The numbers are a transparent denote of how ad spend continues to pierce from TV to online channels.

Amazon Prime Membership Doubles : Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates that Amazon now has 80 million Prime users in a U.S. At 2014-end, that array was 40 million, so it has doubled over a duration of dual years. CIRP thinks that a choice to compensate a Prime subscription on a monthly basement has helped membership enlargement to accelerate notwithstanding a fact that it’s a some-more jam-packed marketplace now.

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