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April 6, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Kids adore tablets. They adore a interactive games, they adore carrying entrance to video to watch and they adore all a apps. The large problem is that many adults have a inscription setup for themselves, definition you’re usually a few clicks divided from calm or shopping temptations that we don’t wish in a hands of your child.

One of a best tablets for kids is a Amazon Fire, for a series of reasons. Firstly, a price, secondly, Amazon has put a lot of bid into providing relatives with controls to safeguard that a Fire is a protected place for kids. 

Which Fire inscription should we buy?

Once you’ve supposed that children don’t need a latest and many absolute tech, there are few choices to be made. Amazon sells opposite versions of a Fire inscription and we’d exuberantly suggest a basic Fire model, as it’s ideal for children. 

All a Amazon Fire models run on a same user interface and offer a same program features, including all a controls we need to make it protected for your kids. This is an advantage over a unchanging Android tablet, that doesn’t, and it’s during slightest £290 cheaper than an Apple iPad, nonetheless if you’ve bought a lot of iTunes calm or have iOS-specific apps in mind, that competence be a separator to your choices.

Amazon Fire

The unchanging Amazon Fire inscription is a 7-inch tablet, powered by a quad-core processor and charity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-USB for charging and a microSD tag container for memory expansion. It’s a cosmetic build, though if you’re shopping it for a child, you’ll wish a box to yield all-round protection.

The Amazon Fire comes in 8GB or 16GB storage options, and with or though “special offers”. Special offers means close shade promotion and if we unequivocally wish to strengthen your kids, opt for no special offers, during £10 more. If we wish some-more storage, that’s £10 some-more too. 

Buy a Amazon Fire on Amazon from £49.99

You’ll also wish to put it in a case. There are lots of options on Amazon, though we’d suggest a MoKo Shockproof Defender (pictured above in pink).

Buy a MoKo Shockproof Defender on Amazon for £14.99 

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

However, there’s a special indication privately for kids and this is an Amazon Fire inscription that comes in a froth fender cover. It’s a same spec as a Amazon Fire above, though comes with 16GB storage and no “special offers”, so a inscription itself with value £69.99 and about £5 for a cover. It also comes with a 2-year no oppose pledge if you/they mangle it (pictured above in blue).

The large kicker here is that we get a 1-year giveaway subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited. This is a subscription use that provides entrance to loads of calm privately for children. We’ll speak about it some-more below, though bear in mind that during a finish of a year, you’ll have to pay, or mislay a entrance it provides. 

Buy a Amazon Fire Kids Edition for £99.99 

How to setup your Amazon Fire for Kids 

Now to a specifics. When we buy an Amazon product, it needs to be purebred to an Amazon account. With Amazon permitting Households, it’s best to have any child’s device (Fire or Kindle) on your account, setup with a child profile. 

This proceed we don’t have to emanate a new Amazon comment for them, we don’t have register an email residence for them or yield remuneration sum for them, and Amazon knows that a user is a child and can emanate a space privately for them on your Fire tablet.

Amazon Fire tablets – like a Kindle – can be apart into dual areas. The initial area is a full interface with full controls, that you’ll have entrance to as an adult, with entrance to all your content. The second is Fire for Kids.


How to set-up Fire for Kids or FreeTime

Fire for Kids (called FreeTime in a US) is a protected area where we can control all a content, set time boundary and daily goals, spin off a web browser, spin off a camera and gallery and so on. 

Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Setup a child form in your Amazon Household – we can find that in your Amazon Account settings, underneath Amazon Household
  2. That child form will seem on your Fire tablet, we can switch users by drumming a icons on a close screen, or by swiping down from a tip to change user.
  3. In your (the adult’s) profile, click on a Fire for Kids idol on a home shade and collect a child form we wish to edit, by drumming a settings cog.
  4. You’ll get a menu to change goals and time limits, conduct content, mislay content, spin off a web browser, spin off a camera, uncover or censor a form and capacitate a cue for a child.
  5. Ensure we have a cue on your possess profile. 

As Fire for Kids is designed for children, it’s a protected place and now recognisable, branch a credentials blue, so we can see during a peek that they’re in a right zone. 

To exit Fire for Kids, they can opt to exit a profile, returning to a close shade with all a user form icons on it. This is because it’s essential that we have a cue on all a adult accounts, to stop them afterwards entering your area and removing full entrance again. 

Children don’t get to change settings themselves, so that all has to be rubbed from a adult profile. 

Importantly, when in Fire for Kids mode, there’s no entrance to purchasing from Amazon Apps at all. 

Note that we don’t have to have a apart Fire inscription to do this, we can use Fire for Kids on an existent Fire inscription we competence have.


Adding apps to Fire for Kids

One of a things you’ll need to do in a unchanging Fire for Kids app is commission a calm that your children will have entrance to. This gives we finish vetting, as you’ll be obliged for permitting entrance to several apps and games – unless regulating Unlimited/FreeTime, that we’ll get to in a second.

It’s easy adequate to supplement content, though we have to follow these steps: 

  1. In a adult profile, conduct to Amazon Apps and find a app or diversion we want, download and implement it.
  2. Open a Fire for Kids app, and open a form of a child we wish to extend entrance to.
  3. Tap “Add Content” and afterwards collect a category, e.g., Games Apps, and name a apps we wish to concede a child to see.
  4. Hit finished during a bottom of a page.
  5. Sign behind into a child’s form to entrance a app.

This can be steady for books or video calm that you’ve purchased from Amazon, though bear in mind that you’re obliged for a bearing of this content. You could, for example, extend entrance to a video app that has inapt calm or books that are for adults.

Equally, we can allot games that have promotion or village facilities that we don’t know about, so make certain we check that all is suitable for a child you’re extenuation entrance to. Fortunately, Fire for Kids blocks in-app purchases.

What is Fire for Kids Unlimited? 

Unlimited is a tag that Amazon relates to serve subscription content. On Kindle there’s Kindle Unlimited and here there’s Fire for Kids Unlimited. As we’ve mentioned, this is a use that comes giveaway for 1-year with a Fire Kids Edition tablet, though we can also allow to it separately, if you’d rather buy a £49.99 tablet.

It has tiered pricing: it’s £1.99 a month for Prime subscribers for 1 child, £4.99 a month for Prime subscribers adult to 4 children. For non-Prime subscribers, it’s £3.99 a month for 1 child, £7.99 a month for adult to 4 children. Amazon also offers a giveaway 1-month trial, that we can sign-up for here, if we wish to give it a go.

Fire for Kids Unlimited provides a integrate of advantages over a unchanging Fire for Kids charity that comes with all Fire tablets. Amazon curates calm and creates it accessible to children by a Fire tablet, so that they have entrance to age-appropriate books, apps, videos and web content.


This opens adult a operation of calm that’s accessible to children, permitting them to make some additional selections, like accessing some-more books, though parental intervention. Unlike a calm we competence assign, this is all accurate suitable by Amazon. You keep a ability to supplement some-more content, as above, if we wish to.

The Fire for Kids Unlimited calm is damaged down into opposite age ranges, something that we can commission in a child’s form and if we have comparison children who wish some-more content, opting for Unlimited is a good proceed of meaningful they have entrance to calm though consistent requests to buy or extend entrance to some-more stuff.

Whether we consider that Fire for Kids Unlimited is value it will really many come down to how many calm we consider your kids need, how many time they spend pestering we and either we consider a subscription will transcend a volume we spend on shopping uninformed calm for them.

It’s value noting, however, that books that we download by Fire for Kids Unlimited don’t afterwards seem on a Kindle related to that child’s profile.

Summing up

Of all a child-friendly inclination out there, Amazon’s proceed is one of a many comprehensive. There’s a operation of essential options for parental control, from environment time boundary to options to extend or yield age-appropriate content.

Best of all, your child’s comment stays underneath a powerful of your Household and we are resolutely in control, either that’s by their possess tablet, your tablet, or from your web browser.

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