Super Tuesday II; Amazon responds to TOC scam, while Apple continues to let scammers have giveaway power over App Store

March 15, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Morning Brief: Adobe Slate and Twitter’s Periscope app get vital updates; History Today adds emanate previews to a digital book app; Google AdWords and Amazon Video apps get bug repair app updates

The second book of Super Tuesday is today, with electorate going to a polls in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri. By this time tomorrow should know … something, anyways.

I already voted final week in sequence to equivocate prolonged lines on choosing day. It incited out, however, that we encountered a prolonged line anyways, presumably a pointer of some-more record turnout.

When we emanate a complement that can be gamed, there is certainty that it will be gamed. Today self-publishers and tiny publishers are seeing Amazon’s apparent crackdown on eBooks that place their list of essence during a finish of a Kindle Edition. This use would seem peculiar to many publishers until it is satisfied that in a Kindle Unlimited complement an author gets paid formed on a series of pages that are read. The use has turn common, notwithstanding it being disheartened in a Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines:

Kindle TOC Talking DigitalPlace a HTML TOC towards a commencement of a book and not during a finish of a book. This ensures that a patron paging by a book from a commencement encounters a TOC naturally. Incorrect chain of a TOC affects a correctness of a “Last Page Read” feature. Correct chain ensures that a TOC appears in representation downloads of a book.

But if fixation a TOC in a behind of an eBook will increase income we can be flattering certain authors will do it. Especially if Amazon’s edition group customarily approves such books.

But Amazon has responded recently, melancholy a crackdown on these books – not by pulling them, though by stealing credit for these pages:

Relatedly, some in a village have contacted us about a activities of a tiny minority of publishers who might try to increase sales or pages examination by a use of several techniques, such as adding nonessential or treacherous hyperlinks, misplacing a TOC or adding distracting content. We both actively military for this form of activity on a possess as good as examine when a village points out such abuse (thank we to those of we who have helped us in this regard). Any abuse we find formula in a evident cessation of a title. Some circumstances, including repeat offenses, will outcome in KDP comment suspension. In any abuse cases, we will also mislay associated pages examination from a allocation of a monthly KDP Select Global Fund.

Apple App Store categoryAmazon is not a usually ones to have their complement gamed by self-publishers. Beginning someday in 2013, Apple’s App Store group stopped progressing a subcategories inside a Newsstand. At initial a biggest problem was simply that a same titles were forever promoted. But during some indicate there was a bug on Apple’s side of a complement and for during slightest a month usually a handful of titles indeed seemed in a subcategories.

Once Apple bound this they stopped progressing a subcategories altogether. Since then, in early 2014 we believe, a “New” area of any subcategory has listed digital magazines and newspapers in alphabetical order, not by recover date. As a result, usually a dozen or so apps can be seen on a initial page of subcategory, all starting with a minute “A”.

Self-publishers and tiny publishers looking for an advantage saw what was going on and began releasing their digital magazines with app names such as “Aarons Art Photography” or “AAs Automotive Magazine” meaningful that regulating their digital announcement like this will protection that it seem initial in a category.

The disproportion between Apple and Amazon is that Apple knows of a fraud and had finished zero for going on 3 years. This is because we trust it is satisfactory to contend that Apple has played a vital purpose in a decrease in digital announcement sales and if a courtesy trade associations that presumably paint their edition members were doing their jobs they would have threatened Apple with a lawsuit over a emanate to try and get Apple to possibly repair a problem or recompense legitimate publishers for their mislaid sales (preferably both).

At slightest Amazon is still profitable attention.

A series of teenager app updates were expelled yesterday, and a sincerely vital one for Periscope:

Twitter’s refurbish for Periscope is most some-more involved, adding new facilities and regulating bugs. we generally like how a developers interjection users who have created a examination to indicate out a problem with a app – by shade name. Nice touch.

What’s New in Version 1.3.7

In this version, it’s easier to see if you’re examination a promote with someone we know. Whenever one of your mutuals (someone we follow who follows we back) joins a broadcast, their name will seem in chat. We’ll also prioritize their name in a viewers list, and uncover we how many of your mutuals are in a promote right now.

Smaller Improvements:
[+] While broadcasting from your iPhone, we can now daub a shade to adjust a concentration of your camera.
[+] While broadcasting from a GoPro, we can now block in your headphones to use as a microphone (instead of regulating a GoPro’s microphone).
[+] Decreased a time it takes to bucket a replay (under worse network conditions).
[+] The broadcast’s internal time is now manifest for replays as good as LIVE.

– Bug where a broadcasts’ internal time wasn’t updating.
– Bug where replays always pronounced they finished “just now” if we entered Periscope from Twitter.
– Missing translations for pull presentation actions (special interjection to @operateurdefron)

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