Spot a Boring Kindle Book by Looking during Popular Highlights

September 5, 2014 - Kindle Unlimited

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Spot a Boring Kindle Book by Looking during Popular Highlights

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Looking for a good book to review this summer? If we wish one that won’t gimlet we median through, arithmetic highbrow Jordan Ellenberg has an engaging tip: demeanour during a Kindle highlights.

His theory: if a many renouned highlights start in a initial half of a book, it competence meant that people aren’t reading it all a approach through:

How can we find today’s biggest non-reads? Amazon’s “Popular Highlights” underline provides one discerning and unwashed measure. Every book’s Kindle page lists a 5 passages many highlighted by readers. If each reader is removing to a end, those highlights could be sparse around a length of a book. If nobody has done it past a introduction, a renouned highlights will be clustered during a beginning.

Thus, a Hawking Index (HI): Take a page numbers of a book’s 5 tip highlights, normal them, and order by a series of pages in a whole book. The aloft a number, a some-more of a book we’re guessing many people are expected to have read. (Disclaimer: This is not remotely systematic and is for party functions only!)

Of course, this has a few downsides. Not usually is it not “remotely scientific,” though it usually works with books we indeed have—it doesn’t work with samples (annoyingly). However, if we like to squeeze books from a giveaway Kindle Lending Library (or we use a new Kindle Unlimited), we could check a book’s highlights before we start reading.

It’s not a ideal trick, though it’s a crafty one that’s value gripping in your behind slot if reader reviews don’t leave we feeling confident.

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