Reuters: Amazon to launch a $10/month song subscription service

June 10, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Pay $99 per year for an Amazon Prime subscription (or $10.99 per month) and we get a lot of things: giveaway 2-day shipping on millions of items, entrance to thousands of streaming cinema and TV shows, a ability to steal some Kindle eBooks (if we have a Kindle reader or Fire tablet), and a choice of streaming thousands of songs from Amazon Prime Music.

But shortly Amazon might launch a different streaming song choice with a most improved preference of songs. Reuters reports a new service will be sole alone from Amazon Prime, and will cost $10 per month, most like competing offerings from Spotify, Apple, and Google.

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This wouldn’t be a initial time Amazon offering a subscription other than Prime. The company’s Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited subscription services allow we to entrance thousand of eBooks and digital comics, respectively.

What creates a thought of an Amazon Music subscription seem a bit peculiar is that a association already bundles song streaming with a Prime membership plan.

But a series of songs accessible to Amazon Prime subscribers is flattering singular compared to what we get from Spotify and other companies. And to be honest, even yet I’m a Prime member, we frequency find myself regulating Prime Music given a user interface is flattering horrible: it can be tough to find a song we wish and we have to supplement it to your library before we can start listening. The mobile apps are improved than a desktop app, though.

Anyway, Reuters suggests that Amazon wants to be a one-stop-shop for all your digital media, and a existent Prime Music use doesn’t unequivocally cut it. So Amazon is reportedly operative on new deals with record labels that would make a new use some-more competitive.

If and when it launches, a use could also make some of Amazon’s existent products some-more attractive, given it’s expected that a Amazon Music streaming underline would be baked into a company’s Echo, Tap, Dot, Fire TV, and Fire inscription products, giving subscribers another reason to buy those devices… or giving owners of those inclination another reason to give some subscription income to Amazon.

The association hasn’t strictly reliable a Reuters report… though we might not have to wait prolonged to find out if it’s true. Amazon is pronounced to be formulation to launch a song use in late summer or early fall.

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