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February 1, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Wild Notes by Mike Lubow (Birdwatcher Books, 2015), no illustrations, 155 pages, $11.99.

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Why are we reviewing a self-published paperback that merely compiles some blogger’s posts? The Internet has a host of such navel-gazers. Isn’t saying them, like, being an enabler?

As in enabling navel-gazers? But since not? People who make an bid to inspect their lives in difference contingency delayed down, and that tends to militate opposite unreasonable action, of that a star has had utterly adequate already. Besides, some of these navel-gazing online diarists have engaging navels.

Mike Lubow’s essays are spare, direct, mindful and infrequently moving. And he likes birds.

Wild Notes is also accessible for Kindle during no cost by Kindle Unlimited, and some-more energy to we if you’d rather not compensate $11.99 to check him out. But some of us cite to dawdle over brief, evocative or dogmatic poetry in a book format rather than squinting during it on a screen.

Screen squinting seems to direct an potency during contingency with still reflection. One feels compulsory to precipitate up, get it read, pierce on.

Can’t we only demeanour them adult on his website?

No, a crafty speculator has dark them.

Exactly how distant should we anticipate being changed by this “sometimes moving” prose?

I won’t fake he’s Annie Dillard deep, nonetheless he quotes her in an epigraph. But, for instance, he’ll start with a extraordinary thing he’s noticed, say, a Canada crow stranded by by an arrow and nonetheless still walking around.

“I figured this peculiar regard was value a brief mention,” he writes. “But initial we Googled ‘goose with arrow’ to see if it unequivocally is odd.

“Well, it’s odd, OK, though not since it’s uncommon.”

As he does here and there via a collection, he goes on to use a amiable damn word while stating that Google pages are “full of stories about geese walking, swimming and drifting around wearing arrows stranded by them.”

“These birds are a good instance of vital with what a star sends your way.”

That’s all he has to contend about saying a crow with a permanent wound?

No, he concludes that a star “has some explaining to do.”

Who is a author?

Lubow is a grandfather who is married to his college sweetheart, and he lives in Chicago. He was an promotion executive who went out on his possess to emanate (as he describes it) a “smallish” agency. About a decade back, he wrote an occasional mainstay in the Chicago Tribune patrician “Got a Minute?” on a Guy Page, and he freelanced novella and nonfiction to magazines. “Got a Minute?” was — as one learns from the Tribune’s online archives, “guaranteed to enclose no some-more than 160 words.”

Lubow’s website is The Two-Fisted Birdwatcher, so patrician since “you only can’t reason a span of binoculars adult to your eyes but putting adult your dukes.” It includes his daily blog, his collected brief stories, guest essays, bird ID contests.

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