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July 19, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Now that a song and video-streaming markets are flattering many cornered, a subsequent vast limit is a created word. Services like Kindle Unlimited offer all-you-can-read streaming for normal books, yet if we crave a mixed of consecutive art and punchy prose, comic books are a proceed to go. Enter Comixology Unlimited ($6 per month) and Marvel Unlimited ($6 to $10 per month)), a dual vast contenders for your pulp-fiction fix.MORE: 10 Best Comic Book Readers for Mobile

As any fan of a humorous pages knows, shopping comics can be a prohibitively costly hobby. Individual issues cost adult to $5 for reduction than 30 pages of content, and generally when traffic with superhero stories, we might need to buy 5 or 6 issues per month usually to keep adult with vast events. Collected editions aren’t many cheaper, mostly knocking usually a few dollars off a sum cost. Subscription comic services might not give we a newest issues, yet they’ll give we thousands of stories you’ve never review before during about a cost of a takeout lunch any month.

Comixology Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited aim somewhat opposite audiences. But if you’re looking for a cheap, elementary proceed to tide some-more comics than we can shake a enchanting staff at, review on to find out that use offers a some-more extensive experience. Excelsior!


When it comes to subscription services, calm is king. Having thousands on thousands of comics to select from won’t do we many good if we can’t find anything we wish to read. Similarly, carrying a few truly well-developed titles won’t assistance when you’ve blown by those and find yourself in a literary wasteland. Thankfully, both Comixology Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited have clever selections, depending on what you’re looking for.

Marvel Unlimited, as a name suggests, includes usually comics from Marvel’s 75-plus-year run. While a use doesn’t offer each singular Marvel pretension between 1941 and a benefaction day, it does have some-more than 17,000 titles opposite a far-reaching accumulation of series. All a common suspects are benefaction and accounted for: “X-Men,” “Spider-Man,” “The Avengers,” “The Fantastic Four,” and all a weird team-ups and crossovers those heroes have finished over a years, with copiousness of miniseries and one-shots to turn things out. Generally speaking, Marvel loads new issues 6 months after they initial seem on store shelves.

While it’s tantalizing to perspective Marvel Unlimited as a superhero-comics-only service, that’s not particularly true. Disney owns Marvel, that means that we can get a ton of “Star Wars” comics, as good as a few Disney-Marvel oddities like a “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” miniseries. we was also rather tickled to find many of Marvel’s underrated illustrated classic-literature adaptations, like “The Odyssey,” “The Three Musketeers” and “The Jungle Book.” (And no, we positively didn’t miscarry my X-Men binge to review Marvel’s “Pride and Prejudice,” even yet a rebuttal between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet is even some-more desirable in graphic-novel format; whatever gave we that idea?)

Comixology Unlimited takes a opposite approach. Since Comixology is a storefront instead of a publisher, a Unlimited module draws from a array of vast publishers, yet they’re not utterly as vast as Marvel and DC. Instead, we get companies like Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Archie and Dynamite. As such, a perfect accumulation is impressive. During my initial binge, we downloaded titles like “Locke Key,” “Buffy a Vampire Slayer,” “Star Trek,” “Bitch Planet,” “Creepy,” and “Kill Shakespeare.” we would have downloaded “Saga” in a heartbeat had we not already devoured a whole series. Comixology Unlimited has some severely good, offbeat titles underneath a belt.

On a flip side, Comixology’s preference is rather unsuitable and not that big, weighing in during usually a few thousand particular comics. Comixology Unlimited has to contend a array of opposite publishers; as such, it doesn’t have a clockwork “wait 6 months” rule of Marvel Unlimited’s new-release schedule. “Saga” has usually 6 out of 36 issues available. For a comedy/horror pretension “Hack/Slash,” we can get 3 volumes (but not a initial three), along with a garland of pointless one-shots. For array with mixed iterations, like “Buffy” or “Star Trek,” good luck. The best outline of Comixology’s preference is “haphazard.”

WINNER: Marvel Unlimited. Although Comixology clobbers Marvel in genre diversity, Marvel offers proceed some-more comics in a many some-more finish fashion.


All right, so we can review thousands of comics. But how easy is it to find a ones we wish to read? Both Comixology Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited have clean, passable interfaces, yet how we find new titles and conduct your existent one differs between a dual services.

First and foremost, Marvel Unlimited has a possess app. Even if you’ve bought digital Marvel comics elsewhere, they won’t uncover adult here. That’s fine, as it minimizes a volume of clutter. The categorical menu is intensely simple, charity a Home screen, Discover (to find new series), My Library, Browse and Account options. The app is not accurately lightweight; it can even be a tiny sluggish, depending on how absolute your complement is. But it’s candid and creates it easy to get around. The Library even has useful Read and Unread sections for easy sorting.

By contrast, Comixology Unlimited is partial of a unchanging Comixology app, an all-purpose digital comic store. There’s usually one dedicated Unlimited menu option. After we download comics from your Unlimited subscription, they breeze adult in your unchanging library, right alongside a things we bought outright. It’s clean, yet could get treacherous if we tend to brew and match.

One certain thing about both services, though, is that a comics themselves are roughly always gorgeous, high-res originals or scans. You’d be vacant usually how distant we can wizz in, generally on newer titles.

WINNER: Marvel Unlimited. A dedicated app for a whole use trumps a singular page that bleeds over into a rest of another app.


Unless we know accurately what we wish to review from a impulse we allow until a impulse we cancel, anticipating new comics is a critical feature. Both Comixology and Marvel offer sincerely strong ways of anticipating new titles to enlarge your library. But while Comixology is improved during assisting we hunt down specific titles, Marvel has many deeper options for anticipating astonishing gems.

First of all, let’s allot critique where critique is due: Marvel doesn’t have a correct “search” feature, and that’s a outrageous pain. In standard Marvel fashion, an “X-Men” comic teased a mythological throw-down between rivals Wolverine and Sabretooth, afterwards pronounced to collect adult “Wolverine” #90 to review a whole thing. To do this, we had to crop by a crowd of titles called Wolverine, afterwards corkscrew past dozens of comics until we reached a 90th issue. There has to be a improved proceed to do this.

Comixology not usually has glorious hunt features, yet also lets we flip a switch to embody or bar non-Unlimited content. From a Unlimited menu, we can find fan-favorite titles, recommendations for newbies, staff picks, and afterwards particular genre recommendations, including sci-fi and fantasy, cinema and TV tie-ins, superheroes, horror, gaming tie-ins, and so forth. The curation is fantastic, and it introduced me to a ton of good titles that weren’t even on my radar.

On a other hand, Marvel Unlimited has one outrageous advantage: a Discover tab. In serve to a brood of Browse options, including series, characters, events and creators, a Discover capabilities set a use a cut above a rest. Every week, a Discover add-on facilities a opposite recommendation from a Marvel gurus, including impression spotlights and endorsed reading orders (with tie-ins!) for events. There’s a lot of adore transparent in this feature, and we done use of it each possibility we got.

WINNER: Tie. Marvel Unlimited has improved ways to find new and surprising series, yet Comixology Unlimited’s hunt underline is something Marvel sorely needs.

Offline Storage

You won’t always have an internet tie when we wish to remove yourself in some comics, and in this regard, Comixology Unlimited positively mops a building with Marvel Unlimited. While Marvel allows a sincerely inexhaustible 12-comic accumulate for offline reading, Comixology Unlimited bumps that array adult to 50 — and some of those 50 can be full striking novels.

There is one tiny obstacle to Comixology’s approach, however. Marvel Unlimited is a streaming use with an discretionary download feature; Comixology Unlimited requires we to download comics before we can review them. This means that we have to transparent out a satisfactory volume of giveaway space on your smartphone or tablet, and we might have to wait a while before we start reading a vast volume.

WINNER: Comixology Unlimited. While streaming calm is a plume in Marvel Unlimited’s cap, 50 off-line books from Comixology will lift we many serve than Marvel’s 12.


In terms of tender monthly cost, Comixology has a corner on a competitor. Each month of Comixology Unlimited costs $6, though an annual option, since Marvel Unlimited’s monthly subscription costs $10. However, if you’re peaceful to hack adult a $70 annual subscription fee, Marvel’s cost falls to about $5.83 per month, creation a dual really similar.

Unless we are a many inclusive comic book reader who ever lived, we substantially won’t be means to empty possibly service’s library anytime soon. In tender numbers, Marvel Unlimited has proceed some-more content, yet Comixology still has adequate to keep a normal reader bustling for years, and conjunction use is going to stop adding comics anytime soon.

Still, Comixology Unlimited is a comparatively new service. It has a many intensity for growth, yet it’s also many reduction refined. Marvel Unlimited gives we some-more crash for your sire in roughly each difficulty during a moment, nonetheless formed on Comixology Unlimited’s earnest start, that could change during any time.

WINNER: Marvel Unlimited. Both services give we thousands of comics for a cost of a decent sandwich, yet Marvel Unlimited has proceed some-more titles and offers a some-more discriminating experience.

Bottom Line

Marvel Unlimited is a biggest and best comic subscription service, for a moment, during least. And it’s still not for everyone: Although Marvel’s app is some-more strong and polished, there’s no removing around that it’s mostly for superhero buffs. And if a final few years have taught us anything, it’s that superheroes paint usually one aspect of comic-book-dom.

Comixology Unlimited excels in a variety, charity not usually superhero fare, yet also romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, teen dramas, striking novels and manga, among other, some-more initial titles. If you’ve had your fill of capes and costumes (or never had any seductiveness in them to start with), there’s no doubt in my mind that Comixology is your best bet.

Otherwise, as a correct man once quipped, “Make Mine Marvel!” ‘Nuff said.

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