Nielsen Shows Kindle Unlimited Users Buy More Books

February 15, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has been unsurprisingly reticent about pity information about their Kindle Unlimited program, a subscription complement that lets we download evidently giveaway ebooks, mostly from Indie authors. Nielsen investigate is display that users who subscribed to Kindle Unlimited spend some-more on books in general, on a monthly basis, than those who do not.

Nate Hoffelder has finished a bit of research and saw that subscribers spent about $58 per month on books while non-subscribers spent $34. Gender is roughly separate down a center with women edging out group in subscription sign-ups.


Kindle Unlimited is still a divisive service. Authors are finding that a use is eviscerating their unchanging sales and many vital players still haven’t assimilated Amazon in giving out books around subscription. While giveaway books all a time works in some cases – indie authors who are looking for prominence rather than cash, for instance – in many cases it cannibalizes normal sales. Getting a word out is tough (as I’ve discovered) though a vagaries of Amazon can meant that one tiny change in your sales plan can hurt an determined author’s station on a site.

In a finish Kindle Unlimited seems like a good use on a surface. It only needs to turn a good use during the core, something distant harder to do than even Bezos can imagine.

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