New iOS Kindle app opens adult smorgasboard of Kindle Unlimited books

January 14, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon pushed out a vital refurbish to a iOS Kindle app that brings it adult to speed with competing apps such as Oyster and Scribd. The Kindle app now supports book browsing for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, Goodreads recommendations, Audible on-going play, and more.

Oddly enough, when Kindle Unlimited arrived progressing this year, Amazon didn’t refurbish a Kindle app to concede for in-app book browsing. Users had to check out books from Amazon’s website and send them to a Kindle app on their phones or tablets. Now, iOS users can use Amazon’s Book Browser to demeanour for their subsequent book in Kindle Unlimited’s massive, 700,000-book library.

If you’re not certain that book we wish to examination next, we can daub on it to see the book description, patron reviews, and a sample. As shortly as they find a book they’re looking for, they can simply start reading though withdrawal a app. You can also supplement books to your wish list, so we don’t forget what we wish to examination next. For some irregular reason, a Book Browser underline isn’t accessible on iPhones. Only those with iPads can take advantage of a new browser.

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Regardless of either we examination on your iPad or iPhone, a Kindle app will give we recommendations from Goodreads, a amicable book pity site Amazon bought a while back. If you’re already a Goodreads user, we can share reading swell updates, highlights, and some-more directly in a book while you’re reading. Avid readers might also share quotes on amicable media or rate and examination a book they only finished on Goodreads and Amazon.

To assistance we find what to examination next, a Kindle app will suggest books to we formed on your prior purchases. If you’re reading a series, Amazon will automatically uncover we a subsequent book in a series, let we examination an excerpt, and even supplement it to your wish list. Last though not least, a association combined Audible on-going play, that allows we to start personification audiobooks while they’re downloading.

Overall, it’s a flattering extensive update, and one that’s certain to adult a ante in a all-you-can-eat ebook subscription app competition. If we don’t have a Kindle app on your phone, we can get it for giveaway from a iOS App Store.

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