Mobile Game Roundup: Final Fantasy VII, Happy Wheels and More

August 21, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Final Fantasy VII

Are we looking for a new mobile diversion to play this weekend? As usual, there are plenty of new options, starting with Kingcraft from Genera Games, a match-three nonplus diversion that sees players expanding their dominion by conquering adjacent territories by match-three levels.

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Next, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale launched Pac-Man 256, an unconstrained presence diversion seeking players to shun a 256 glitch from a strange Pac-Man while also avoiding ghosts.

Looking for something opposite to try? Here’s a demeanour during some other games expelled this week.

Final Fantasy VII ($15.99 on iOS) – Final Fantasy VII for iOS is a pier formed on a PC chronicle of a game, with Square Enix’s renouned RPG receiving an updated user interface for mobile devices. The diversion supports mixed control options, and gives players a choice to spin off pointless battles for undeviating progression. Even with this choice activated, players still knowledge story-based battles. The diversion also offers a ‘Max Stats’ option for apropos ‘all-powerful’ instantly.

Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes ($4.99 on iOS) – Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes is a turn-based plan diversion combined by Desert Ashes developer, 9 Tales Digital, and Pocket God company, Bolt Creative. The crossover diversion sees a Landians going to conflict opposite a Pygmies, and offers a single-player debate that promises 10 hours of gameplay. The diversion is in a same impression as Advance Wars, and sees players fortifying a Pygmies’ domain with a assistance of zombies and laser-sharks. A multiplayer mode offers total gameplay. Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes is entrance shortly to Android, Kindle, Steam and PlayStation Vita.

Horizon Chase ($2.99 on iOS) – From Aquiris Game Studio, Horizon Chase is a racing pretension desirous by past racing games including Out Run and Top Gear, among others. The diversion takes players around a universe to 32 cities, where they’ll competition on 73 marks and contest in 8 cups. The diversion offers 16 cars to collect and upgrade. Horizon Chase offers 7 opposite control or submit options, from lean controls to bluetooth controllers. Barry Leitch was obliged for a game’s soundtrack, with Leitch famous for his work on other racing games, including Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Top Gear.

Dice Mage (Free on iOS) – From Tapinator, Dice Mage is a dice-rolling RPG, seeking players to better monsters and collect a stolen ‘Die of Fate.’ Players take on a purpose of a wizard, with any conflict saying both players and a rivalry rolling bones to establish a leader for any turn. Players can spend mana to re-roll their bones with a wish of receiving a array that can kick a enemy’s roll, though will infrequently need to accept better (and a strike indicate damage) to pierce on. As players finish battles, they might acquire equipment that refill their health or mana, or can boost their limit health or mana points. Players can also collect new rigging to make their sorceress stronger, and will collect gems that can be spent on present recovering in a store, among other options. When players eventually tumble in battle, they can select to continue where they left off (they start with one ‘continue’ available) or restart from a beginning. When players restart, their stats return to a strange numbers, though they keep their equipment and gems.

Ocopoco ($0.99 on iOS) – From Triangulae developer Ricardo Fonseca, Ocopoco asks players to drag colored circles around a grid to compound them with others, formulating incomparable circles. With any move, a new round is combined to a screen. The diversion offers dual modes. In a tone mode, players can usually compound circles of a same color, regardless of their size. In distance mode, players can compound circles with any other color, so prolonged as a circles are a same size. In both modes, players compound circles until they strech a required distance to disappear from a board. Gameplay continues in both modes until a grid is full, with no additional probable moves. Players can share their high scores with friends.

Madden NFL Mobile (Free on iOS, Android) – While not a new diversion on app stores, EA‘s Madden NFL Mobile has been updated with a new Madden deteriorate of calm for new and existent players. The diversion allows players to turn a manager of their favorite NFL team, with this new deteriorate featuring new live events and extemporaneous challenges, a new receiver mode, bequest group hurdles and more. Spontaneous hurdles ask players to finish a specific idea during a drive, with hurdles carrying varying problems and rewarding players for their completion. Existing Madden NFL Mobile players can use their Legacy Team from a prior deteriorate of a diversion in disdainful live events, that offer singular rewards.

Dead Synchronicity ($4.99 on iPad) – This pretension from Daedalic Entertainment and Fictiorama Studios is a point-and-click journey diversion set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world. The diversion stars Michael, a male who wakes adult with no memory of his past or of what has happened around him. The universe has been busted by healthy disasters, and a disease is now destroying a flourishing humans. Players contingency assistance Michael tarry in this world, and stop a impulse of ‘dead synchronicity,’ when time will dissolve. Dead Synchronicity requires iPad 4+ or iPad mini 2+.

Dungeon of a Endless ($4.99 on iPad) – This roguelike cave invulnerability diversion from Amplitude Studios was creatively expelled on PC in Oct 2014, and hurdles players to try an visitor planet’s incidentally generated dungeons while handling their group of heroes (each with their possess strengths). As players try and accumulate resources, they contingency also strengthen a generator of their crashed boat from a planet’s creatures. Dungeon of a Endless on iPad includes a ‘Deep Freeze’ and ‘Bookworm’ PC calm packs.


CelebHigh (Free on iOS) – A luminary trivia diversion from Classmates, CelebHigh hurdles players to brand celebrities formed on their high propagandize annual pictures. The diversion is separate into dual categorical categories for film and TV stars, with any difficulty charity ‘Photo Match’ and customary ‘Trivia’ modes. In a Photo Match mode, gamers are shown a annual print and mixed names, and contingency rightly brand a luminary before using out of time. In a Trivia mode, players answer timed mixed choice trivia questions about celebrities, with any doubt accompanied by a annual photo. As players rightly answer questions, they’ll accept points that assistance them turn adult in a altogether game. Players also acquire trophies as they finish specific achievements.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter (Free on iOS) – From Capcom’s Beeline Interactive, this match-three nonplus conflict diversion allows players to emanate a group of characters from a Ghostbusters films, as good as Ron Alexander’s Ghost Smashers and a Ghostbusters comic books. Each group member has a array of color-coded abilities, that can be charged by creation matches with black of a same colors. The diversion offers a single-player debate mode, as good as asynchronous multiplayer matches. Players can also contest in limited time events, that give them a possibility to win new characters, banking and more. Check out a complete preview of a game for more. Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter is entrance shortly to Android.

Play-Doh Jam (Free on iOS, Android) – Developed by Fat Pebble and published by Backflip Studios (in partnership with Hasbro), Play-Doh Jam allows players to hurl a Play-Doh round down a hill, outstanding into smaller creatures to collect them and make a round bigger. At a finish of a hill, players pound into a hulk Play-Doh creature, with a idea of promulgation it as distant divided as possible. As players pound into and collect these smaller creatures, they acquire Play-Doh points that can be used to emanate new Play-Doh creations, including new creatures, upgrades for a hill, and so on.

Happy Wheels (Free on iOS) – Happy Wheels has already found outrageous success on a Web, and iOS gamers are now means to play this physics-based barrier march diversion on a go. Happy Wheels facilities 15 levels during launch, as good as a turn editor for players to create their possess stages and send them to friends. Players use directional and burst buttons to assistance their characters navigate courses while avoiding things like pits, spikes, harpoons and many other obstacles, with players able to finish levels even if their impression has been harmed (to a point). The diversion annals replays of any run, and while examination these, players can take screenshots to share with friends. The ‘business guy’ impression is accessible to start, with calm for characters like ‘Irresponsible Dad’ and ‘Pogo Stick Guy’ (as examples) coming in destiny updates.

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