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November 16, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Dr. Howard Kaplan demonstrates a use of an app that he grown for prophesy marred readers with his nurse, Bonnie Kozlik, RN, during his bureau on Hurley Avenue in Kingston.
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KINGSTON Imagine being no longer means to concentration on a printed word, to never again be means to remove yourself in a good book.

That was a unhappy existence that faced by many of a patients of Dr. Howard Kaplan, an ophthalmologist who specializes in diseases of a retina, including macular lapse and retinitis pigmentosa.

Until, that is, Kaplan grown an focus for a Apple iPad that allows patients pang from low prophesy due to retinal diseases to rediscover a fun of being mislaid in a book.

“Reading is transformative,” pronounced Kaplan, who has offices in Kingston and Poughkeepsie. “It can take your mind and send it somewhere else. To remove (that ability) during a time of your life when we need it a many is a tragedy and we saw it play out each day.”

Kaplan specializes in assisting those with retinal diseases keep their vision. But, he notes, “there’s gripping prophesy and there’s gripping prophesy that allows someone to review print.”

One day while regulating his Amazon Kindle, Kaplan had an epiphany of sorts, realizing that a flourishing library of digitized books could open new horizons for those who humour from low vision.

Using $60,000 of his possess money, Kaplan and a programmer out of UCLA spent 6 years building the Spotlight Text app, a module module that enables a users to adjust a printed word to their needs, rather than perplexing to make their eyes adjust to a printed word.

Kaplan pronounced that for those with eye illness and low vision, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to pierce their eyes along a line of imitation since each time they pierce their eyes they contingency try to refocus and move a difference behind into their line of vision.

With a Spotlight Text app a user finds a “sweet spot” where they can see a text, and a content scrolls past them, enabling a user to keep their eyes steady.

Users can control a rise distance as good as a speed that a content scrolls and a content can be formatted to corkscrew in possibly a single-line marquee format or a multiline teleprompter format.

The Spotlight Text app links to Bookshare.org, a nonprofit library charity some-more than 350,000 books, including all books listed on The New York Times best seller list, to people approved by their ophthalmologist, optometrist, therapist, or librarian to be incompetent to review normal imitation books.

Kaplan pronounced that Bookshare.org also has an endless collection of content books accessible for children.

Since rising a app in 2014, Kaplan pronounced he has gotten dozens and dozens of emails from people who have pronounced a module has given them their life back.

In one email, a lady told Kaplan that her mom now spends her days reading a book rather than doing nothing.

Another author pronounced a app has been “life changing,” while another told Kaplan “you let my mom review again.”

Kaplan pronounced he is anticipating that during some point, Amazon, or Google, with entrance to millions of books will take an seductiveness in a app, though as so distant been catastrophic in convincing them to collect it up.

“If one retina alloy with $60,000 can do this, suppose what could be done,” he said, adding that he combined a app as “a labor of love.”

“I did not do this meditative this was going to be a successive ‘Angry birds,’” pronounced Kaplan. “I did this to change a world, for these people anyway.”

Spotlight Text is accessible to people who have been approved by an ophthalmologist to be unqualified of reading unchanging print.

The app costs $9.99, and is accessible during a iTunes store. A BookShare subscription, that provides total entrance to a titles for people with imitation reading disabilities, is $50 for a initial year and $25 for successive years. There is also a one-time $25 set-up fee. The use is giveaway for students in a United States.

There is also a giveaway chronicle of a app, Spotlight Text Light, that allows users to try a app before purchasing it.

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