Mega, Jake Bible’s take on a low sea thriller

May 29, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


Giant sharks? Pirates? A family of former Navy SEALS incited niggardly beast hunters? In Mega, Jake Bible, author of a good desired Zburbia series, takes to a high seas!

Bible packs action, and comedy, into nonetheless another genre taken to a extreme. A whole family of beast fighting, former Navy SEALS take on Somali Pirates, super whales, a CIA and a hulk shark. Twists and turns will fly during you, training your mind to envision a craziest outcomes and still be wrong! we like Bible’s code of craziness.

If we desired Bible’s out of control Zburbia series, where a gated village survives a zombie apocalypse, you’ll wish to review Mega. we review these around Kindle Unlimited.

Mega: A Deep Sea Thriller (Mega Series Book 1) around Amazon


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