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February 13, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

It started out as an occasional movie, regulating my son’s account. Living in a country, we don’t have total entrance to a Internet like city dwellers, so we was really discreet with my observation habits.

Apparently someone somewhere motionless those of us vital in farming areas aren’t entitled to a same entrance to a universe around that enchanting blue wire connected to a computers as adults within a proportions of an invisible city boundary.

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So anyway…

I perceived a call from girl-child. Netflix offers a 30-day giveaway hearing and her 30 days were up. Being a bit miserly with her money, instead of profitable a $7.99 monthly price to continue her subscription, she wanted me to pointer adult for a use for a giveaway month’s trial, so she could continue examination a streaming programs regulating my account. OK, no problem.

That’s when things went south. After all, if we had a giveaway month, we should advantage from it. Right? So we found opposite cinema and shows to watch and monitored my Internet use closely.

Eventually we saw a $7.99 charged to my bank account. Well, shoot, we didn’t get it canceled in time, though whatever. I’ll only continue to watch a few cinema for a subsequent month to get my money’s value and THEN cancel. No biggy.

But that’s how it got me. we had been good within my allotted Fair Access Policy agreement, definition we was regulating my share of Internet time scrupulously according to my use provider. So, that meant we could watch even some-more programming from my computer.

Then it happened, and we can’t even tell we how we stumbled opposite it. we found a Spanish module on Netflix called “Grand Hotel.” What creates it even crazier, we don’t pronounce Spanish. Fortunately for me, it’s subtitled.

I consider a design on a Netflix menu substantially held my eye, given it put me in mind of “Downton Abbey.” The print showed a elegantly coiffed owners of a Grand Hotel in 1905, with a servants station gloomy and solemn behind them.

Let me tell you, those Spanish folks know how to write. we was hooked. And child did my Internet use spike. we was pulling my boundary and we knew it. However, a Internet use provider ‘gives’ us reward time on a Internet … from 3 to 8 a.m. Bwaahahaha! And so it began, my ashamed middle-of-the-night ritual. I’m on Season 3 — a final deteriorate — prepared to watch part 64 of 66 of those tasty one-hour installments.

Yesterday, when we got home from work, we checked on a remaining accessibility of my Internet usage. NOOOOO! I’d reached my download threshold! we pennyless out in a cold sweat. My beat started racing. My mouth was unexpected dry. I’M OUT OF GIGABYTES!

I’ve been forced to see a blunder of my ways. Time to take a low breath, get behind to my Kindle and read. But wait, we only beheld a calendar. My Internet resets Saturday. I’ll be streamer behind to a “Grand Hotel” this weekend!

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