Marvel brings 12000 single-issue comics to a Kindle Store

June 20, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited



Zap! Bam! Pow!

That’s a (admittedly made-up) sound of Marvel Comics violation lax of Comixology and alighting in Amazon’s Kindle Store, where Kindle inscription owners can now squeeze over 12,000 singular issues.

Some clarification: Marvel has prolonged had a attribute with digital-distribution height Comixology, and Comixology’s apps have prolonged done those comics accessible around Android, iOS and Kindle apps. As partial of a new agreement, Kindle users can, if they choose, bypass a app and squeeze Marvel comics approach from Amazon.

Why buy issues during all when we can allow to Marvel Unlimited for $70 per year? That use lets we review total comics (again, around Comixology), though usually those published during slightest 6 months earlier. Single issues will seem during Amazon a same day they’re published.

Amazon acquired Comixology in 2014. Under a new agreement, a latter “will continue to discharge Marvel’s English denunciation singular issue, trades and striking novels around a comiXology apps on Fire tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android inclination and a web during”

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