Local author launches chronological intrigue about Crimean War

March 25, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

St. Helens proprietor and author Stephanie Patterson launched her new novel, “A Terrible Beauty,” progressing this month on Amazon’s Kindle edition platform. Her novel, an chronological romance, facilities a heroine who becomes a helper during a Crimean War. “This book is a initial novel in a array entitled, “Season of a Furies,” that revolves around a contingent of Victorian meant girls. For several reasons they remove their amicable positions and are forced to reinvent themselves,” Patterson explained.

“A Terrible Beauty” is a outcome of my lifelong mindfulness with a Crimean War and Florence Nightingale, nonetheless many of a novel indeed takes place in England in 1858. My investigate also introduced me to many intriguing chronological figures,” Patterson stated, “my favorite being a Jamaican lady named, Mary Seacole who ran a hotel and dispensary for British officers in a Crimea. She was an herbalist famous for treating cholera and famous as ‘Mother Seacole’ to a British infantry – a lady forward of her time,” She said, “Much like Nightingale.”

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Patterson is no foreigner to digital publishing. Several years ago she sole her second novel, “The Woman In Question,” to an electronic edition residence in Canada called, LTD Publishing. Since afterwards a digital and self-publishing markets have altered significantly, charity writers some-more control over their work and many some-more collection to assistance them furnish veteran peculiarity material. For a cost we can contention your work for a line-by-line critique, or for veteran review. There are also sites like NetGalley who offer your book giveaway to members in sell for an unprejudiced review.

“The diversion changer for self-publishing began with Amazon’s platforms – Kindle Publishing for ebooks and Create Space for imitation product,” pronounced Patterson. “Amazon also offers a brood of selling ideas for a beginner and an captivate kingship program. Their KDP program, or Kindle Direct Program, gives authors a possibility to try their palm during using a elementary digital ad debate while charity royalties not usually for approach sales, though for reads by their Kindle Unlimited module that allows members to download certain books for free. Marketing has altered a lot given we initial published with a normal imitation edition residence and it takes a eagerness to welcome new concepts and formats to successfully marketplace a book digitally.”

Patterson cautions writers who consider that their pursuit ends once their publishing is uploaded. “Now your other jobs begin,” she claims. “There are hundreds of sites that will publicize your book, or run your digital ads for a price. You can spend a lot of income really fast but generating many sales or reviews for your efforts. My recommendation is do your investigate and start small. Know your attention terms. What is an ‘impression’ in digital promotion and how many of them does it take to get a ‘click’ on your book. It’s all partial of what we have to know now.” She grins, “And here all we suspicion we had to worry about was grammar.”

Patterson’s book can be found on Amazon – www.amazon.com. You can hit her at


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