Leaked Windows 10 build shows Microsoft stuffing a vital calm hole: Ebooks

January 17, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

For years, Microsoft has sole movies, TV shows, and music, in further to apps—but not ebooks. A leaked Windows 10 build, however, shows Microsoft skeleton to seaside adult that opening in an arriving release.

The leaked build obtained by MSPowerUser reveals a dedicated territory of a Windows Store where Microsoft skeleton to sell ebooks alongside a other content. According to a site, there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated Books app yet, only formation with Microsoft’s Edge browser, that will offer as a spectator focus for a new ebooks. 

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Microsoft declined to endorse a new Books section, yet a deputy seemed to prove that new information could be entrance soon. “The Windows Insider Program was combined to capacitate Microsoft to exam opposite facilities and functionality that will change destiny versions of Windows,” a deputy pronounced in an emailed statement. “We frequently exam new facilities and changes to existent facilities to see what resonates good with a fans. Stay tuned for some-more information soon.” 

Why this matters: If it’s going to attain as a calm provider, Microsoft simply has to have a participation in a ebook market. Whether it succeeds is, for now, irrelevant. Microsoft’s online storefronts aren’t most to write home about, yet a Xbox Store is successful, and Microsoft’s Groove Music subscription isn’t bad, either. Microsoft will need to carve out a possess niche, however: settle a plain technical library, perhaps, or rise an uber-subscription of some sort, incorporating Groove Music, Office 365, Skype, and a new ebook subscription. Microsoft Work and Play 2.0, perhaps?

Microsoft’s medium aspirations

Microsoft has been easing a approach toward ebooks. As MSPowerUser notes, Microsoft began adding support for a EPUB ebook format last year to Edge, paving a approach for a new further to a Store. You’ll be means to change a distance and rise of a content as good as supplement your possess bookmarks. It stays to be seen, though, possibly you’ll be means to collect adult right where we left off when changeable from your phone to your PC and behind again, as apps like Amazon’s e-reader do. A inventory page shows both PC and mobile support for a ebooks, though, as you’d expect.

Microsoft clearly has a work cut out for it. Amazon has been probably synonomous with ebooks for years, now charity 10.9 million titles. Its Kindle Unlimited subscription creates over 1.4 million ebooks accessible to users for $10 per month, while Amazon Prime subscribers have entrance to “thousands.” Apple’s iBooks Store and a ebook territory of Google Play also offer their possess bookstores—with many charity giveaway or ignored ebooks to captivate new subscribers.

The leaked screenshots, if accurate, prove that Microsoft has some-more medium goals. There’s no denote that Microsoft skeleton a allied ebook subscription—in fact, there don’t seem to be any ignored listings during all. Basically, a Books apportionment of a Store appears to be orderly in a informed “Top Books,” “My Books,” and “Featured Collections” structure that’s standard of other areas within a Store. Right now, there’s no denote as to how many books Microsoft skeleton to sell, either.

It all adds adult to one conclusion: At this point, Microsoft skeleton to drop a toe into a ebook market, rather than make a splash.