Kodansha: Amazon Japan’s Kindle Subscription Service Removes Over 1000 Titles

October 9, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Japanese publisher Kodansha lodged a criticism with online tradesman Amazon Japan on Monday after Amazon private some-more than 1,000 Kodansha titles from a Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription service.

Amazon Japan launched a use in Japan on Aug 3. The subscription use allows users to review titles on offer for a monthly fee. The use offers 120,000 Japanese publications, and about 1.2 million unfamiliar publications. The Wall Street Journal reports – citing a source in a Japanese edition attention – that Amazon would compensate publishers a year-end reward for each user that review adult to 10% of an offering publication, in serve to unchanging fees. According to a source, manga, magazines, and print collections began disintegrating from a use in mid-August. The Japan Times additionally cited a edition attention source that settled Amazon told a publishers a bill ran out after some titles saw direct over what Amazon expected.

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Amazon pronounced in an email matter to The Wall Street Journal that “titles frequently stagger in and out of a catalog.” The matter remarkable that this is common in subscription services for any medium.

Kodansha‘s criticism claimed that Amazon done a “one-sided decision” to mislay a titles, but informing a publisher beforehand, and serve settled that Amazon had private a titles on a dusk of Sep 30. Kodansha asked that Amazon recur a tiles’ removal.

Japanese publisher Kobunsha also claimed on Monday that Amazon private 550 of a titles from a service.

Sources: The Japan Times, The Wall Street Journal (Megumi Fujikawa)

source ⦿ http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-10-09/kodansha-amazon-japan-kindle-subscription-service-removes-over-1000-titles/.107275

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