Kindle Unlimited is being flooded with 3000-page rubbish books that siphon income out of a system

April 21, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited use allows subscribers to download as many books as they want, and afterwards pays writers formed on a series of their pages that readers have read.

The use surveils your reading habits by checking a “furthest page visited” standing on each book in your library, definition that if we skip to a final page, a book considers we to have finished a whole thing.

Crapflooding scammers have therefore granted a bolt of “books” that run adult to 3,000 pages (the longest Amazon will permit), filled with garbage, that open with a couple to a final page. By profitable (or tricking) people to download their “books” and click a link, they shelve adult 3,000 pages’ value of credit to their author accounts. At $0.005/page, it can supplement up.

The some-more of this there is, a reduction income there is in a complement for writers who furnish tangible books, and a reduction reason there is for anyone to attend in, or allow to, a system.

But e-books don’t have to be linear. You might, for example, open adult a new Kindle book and find it has a couple on a initial page, to take we to a after section or a list of essence or another language. Tapping that couple could put we hundreds of pages into a book — that means that a author of that record is now creation income off you, even if we haven’t review a word… or even if there’s not a singular genuine word there to be read.

And that is accurately what’s happening. Scammers are fundamentally uploading “books” that are zero though files full of nonsense with some couple on page 1 that puts readers on page 300 or 3000 (the limit page length for that Amazon will compensate out) roughly instantly. In between there’s zero though nonsense, though a scammer can use click farms to expostulate adult a ranking of their book and so people download it anyway.

Amazon Unintentionally Paying Scammers To Hand You 1000 Pages Of Crap You Don’t Read [Kate Cox/Consumerist]

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