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May 4, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

It’s tough for any self-respecting bookworm to give adult paperbacks, nonetheless once we find a good ebook reader, it gets a small easier. Amazon has consistently done a best ebook readers on a market, nonetheless with a Kindle Oasis, it’s finally done a ideal one.

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The Oasis is absurdly thin, lightweight, and adventurous with a innovative new design. It’s got nifty page branch buttons, an accelerometer to make reading easier for lefties, and a possess battery case. Amazon’s endless catalog of ebooks is right during your fingertips on a Oasis, and a interface is unequivocally easy to use.

There’s usually one costly problem: It costs $290.

We went on a binge reading event to exam out a Oasis and establish if it’s unequivocally value all that money.

Radical pattern pays off

Most ebook readers demeanour matching when we line them up. They’re all somewhat chunky, rectilinear inclination with black and white E Ink screens and far-reaching bezels. It’s not a many complicated or appealing look, generally when we review them to a svelte, shimmering smartphones that have launched in 2016. Amazon’s Kindle Oasis looks wholly opposite from any other ebook reader before it. The new pattern is complicated and intensely good suspicion out.

The same 6-inch, 300-pixel-per-inch, E Ink arrangement that graced a 2015 Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage sits on a front of a Oasis, nonetheless a bezels around 3 buliding of a shade are significantly slimmer, creation a device some-more block in shape. The fourth bezel is double a breadth of a others, and that’s where you’ll find a dual slim page branch buttons. This is also a thickest partial of a device during 8.5mm.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis

At a slimmest point, a Oasis measures a small 3.4mm, that is reduction than half a breadth of an iPhone 6S. It’s roughly disconcerting when we initial reason it by that razor skinny edge, nonetheless you’re not ostensible to reason that part. Your palm goes where a ebook reader is during a thickest.

The corner where a Oasis goes from 3.4mm to 8.5mm is ideally angled, so that your fingers naturally reason it. Since it weighs a small 131 grams nonetheless a case, we can simply reason it one handed and use a page branch buttons to review on happily. It feels offset and healthy in your hands usually like a genuine book.

If you’ve been regulating a Kindle or any other inscription for reading adult until this point, a Oasis’ radical pattern will seem uncanny and even worried during first. However, we will get used to it, and once we do, you’ll adore it. The Oasis feels good with or nonetheless a enclosed cover. The cover does container an additional battery, though, that you’ll need for critical binge reading. It also adds some reason and it’ll feel some-more healthy to those who are used to reading tangible books or usually regulating an comparison Kindle.

The Kindle Oasis is a favorite ebook reader to date.

The leather battery box connects to a Oasis with a clever magnet, so we needn’t fear that it’ll trip off while you’re reading. The additional battery evens out a behind of a device, so it’s prosaic – usually like a Kindles you’re used to. It does supplement another 107 grams to a weight, nonetheless given a ebook reader is so light to start with, it’s not a problem. The inside of a cover is soothing microfiber for gripping your shade clean, and a leather on a front of a box feels well-spoken and satisfying, like an aged leather-bound book.

The device feels usually as good nonetheless a cover. The polymer support is plated with steel constructional electroplating, that ensures that a super skinny Kindle Oasis doesn’t flex or hook during all. It feels well-spoken and cold in your hands, instead of rubbery and corpulent like prior Kindles. It’s a initial ebook reader we’d report as sexy.

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Amazon suspicion of usually about all when it done a latest Kindle, nonetheless it missed out on one torpedo pattern feature. In a fit of irony, Amazon didn’t make a Oasis waterproof. This ebook reader’s kryptonite is out-of-date H2O; so don’t go reading in a cylinder with it. It’s a genuine shame, since even a Barnes Noble Nook is waterproof these days. Get with it, Amazon!

Crisp, splendid screen, and other specs

Although a Oasis’ spec piece looks scarcely matching to that of a Voyage, it has a few new features. The 6-inch E Ink Carta shade has a same fortitude as a dual many new Kindles, nonetheless Amazon packaged in 4 some-more LEDs to ensurDisplay

e a brighter reading experience. The Oasis looks brighter than prior models and a lighting is some-more uniform than it is on a Voyage. We typically had it during about half a limit liughtness during a day. In a dim room during night, we had to dial it down even further.

Amazon says a arrangement boasts a super skinny 200-micron backplane and “chemically reinforced” cover potion for protection. There’s no join between a page and a bezel, either, that adds to a reward feel of a Oasis.

Thanks to a accelerometer, we can flip a device around and switch hands while you’re reading. This is a blessing for lefties, nonetheless if you’re regulating a battery case, a Amazon trademark on a front will be upside down. Sorry, lefties!

The Oasis packs 4GB of storage, that amounts to thousands of books. You also get giveaway Amazon cloud storage for books we get on a marketplace. Unlike with comparison Kindles and other aging ebook readers, we won’t notice any page loiter time, either, and a device installed a ebook store with palliate and speed.

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Amazon offers both a Wi-Fi usually indication and a chronicle with both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Most of we will unequivocally usually need a Wi-Fi versed Oasis, so save your income and download your books during home.

Plenty of ebooks and an easy-to-use-interface

Although Kindles aren’t a many open ebook readers, they do support a series of formats. Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, defenceless MOBI, and PRC are upheld natively; and we can get HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP files on your Oasis by conversion. Sadly, EPUB formats aren’t supported, and you’ll have to go to some difficulty if we wish them on your Kindle. It is possible, nonetheless not as easy as it would be on a Kobo ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

The easiest approach to get books on a device is to simply download ebooks from Amazon. Naturally, that’s what Amazon wants we to do, so we keep spending income in a store. If you’ve been regulating other ebook formats, a transition will be irritating. However, if you’ve been removing your ebooks from Amazon all along, it’s not a problem.

In a store, we can crop categories of books, see endorsed titles, best sellers, and a series of other Amazon offers. The some-more we read, a improved Amazon’s suggestions will get. You can also select from a series of magazines and newspapers. Amazon has one of a widest selections of ebooks you’ll find anywhere, so we won’t be unhappy if we finish adult in a Kindle ecosystem.

You can also try Amazon’s ebook subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, that gives we entrance to some-more than a million ebooks and hundreds of thousands on audiobooks. Assuming we typically spend some-more than that any month on ebooks, it’s a good deal.

The user interface is unequivocally simple, nonetheless it’s packaged with features. To entrance a menu bar, usually double daub during a tip of a screen. Then, you’ll see a options for settings, a store, search, and more. Just like on any Kindle before it, it’s easy to change a font, content size, or liughtness when you’re reading; or prominence a thoroughfare to share with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Amazon’s X-Ray also points out critical clips, people, and terms if you’re reading a some-more formidable story.

If we wish an even some-more amicable experience, we can entrance Goodreads for reviews from associate bookworms. It’s a small things that make Amazon’s ebook reading knowledge higher to reading on a Nook or a Kobo.


With good thinness, comes good sacrifice. Amazon says a battery lasts dual weeks on a singular charge, that a poignant step down from a Kindle Voyage’s eight-week battery life. However, a enclosed extended-battery cover gives the Kindle Oasis an strange 8 weeks of juice. Of course, those measurements are “based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and a light environment during 10,” nonetheless it’s still strong considerable for such a slim device.

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We’ve nonetheless to empty a Oasis’ battery completely, nonetheless we did make a intrepid effort, reading by an whole trilogy over a march of 4 days nonetheless a entirely charged cover.

The Oasis magnetically snaps to a case, and when we block it in to charge, a Kindle and a cover will assign during a same time. When you’re unplugged, a box will empty a battery initial before a Oasis uses a inner one.

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Simply put, with a cover on, a Oasis gets improved battery life than any other electronic device with a screen.

Warranty information

Amazon offers a 1-year singular guaranty and service with a squeeze of an Oasis. You can also get 1-year2-year, or 3-year Extended Warranty programs from Amazon for $40-$100. You can review a terms here.


The Kindle Oasis is a best ebook reader that income can buy – Period. The adhering indicate for many of we will be a $290 cost tag. Is that expensive? Yes. Is it value it? Yes. If you’re an zealous reader who takes your ebooks severely and wants to suffer reading digital books as if they were paperbacks, we have to try it. Even nonetheless we review excessively, I’ve never bought an ebook reader — nonetheless I’d buy this one.

The Oasis is thinner, lighter, brighter, and faster than a $200 Kindle Voyage, and it comes with a leather box that doubles as an extended battery. We’d compensate a additional $90 any day, even nonetheless it’s expensive. It’s also higher to a Barnes Noble Nook Glowlight Plus, that will cost we $130; as good as a aging Kobo Aura H20 – even nonetheless both are waterproof.

It’s pricey, nonetheless this ebook reader will exist many other digital devices, and we won’t have to reinstate it for many years. It’s most nicer to review on this Kindle than on any allied tablet, including a iPad Mini 4, that will cost we about a same cost and offer a fragment of a battery life.

We do wish that Amazon offering an choice to squeeze a Oasis nonetheless a battery case, so there’d be a reduce cost choice for those on a budget. Regardless, a Kindle Oasis is a favorite ebook reader to date, and we exuberantly suggest it to any bookworm who wants to go digital.

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