Kindle Needs A “Subscribe To Author” Button

December 5, 2014 - Kindle Unlimited

When Amazon launched a Kindle Unlimited use final July, a thought was that renouned indie authors could use a use as a approach to accumulate royalties and lift their author profiles in tandem. The all-you-can-eat reading use was ostensible to help, not harm, authors.

The conflicting has been a case. After a launch of KU a array of inclusive writers have seen sales dump precipitously. The Digital Reader found a array of examples including author H.M. Ward whose sales fell by 70 percent. She wrote:

But Ward combined an engaging aside nearby a finish of her post: she would adore to offer her readers a paid subscription to her work.

Ward, with 60 pieces in a Kindle store, is a singular box of a author who is creation a vital from her essay by ideal volume. Most writers have one book in them during best but, as many Kindle experts note, the best approach to make money is to write, publish, and repeat – ad infinitum.

By permitting users to concede to writers like Ward they will be doing everybody a solid. Ward and other writers will get a solid tide of income, readers will get a work of their favorite authors automatically, and Amazon has a serf source of revenue. Patreon, combined by Jack Conte, is a ideal instance of this dynamic. That use allows fans to compensate a tiny volume each time an author creates a square of content, be it a song, a blog post, or a podcast. By ensuring that a creator is paid a consumer ensures a calm keeps coming.

KU so distant has been a dud. The preference is awful during best and diverting during worst. While some titles, like a Harry Potter series, seem like a good deal, a rest of a KU pool is an undifferentiated mess. By formulating a sea of giveaway content, Amazon has reduced a value of paid content. That’s terrible for writers who are perplexing to live off of their writing.

Amazon should kill or revoke Kindle Unlimited and instead concede subscriptions. It creates clarity for everybody concerned and it’s a good approach to change a approach essay is consumed on a mass scale.

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