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June 19, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


If we have a Kindle Fire for Kids inscription or a subscription to Kindle Freetime Unlimited there is a vital bug we need to know about. Thousands of relatives are stating that their kids accounts are not staying registered. There is also another bug that is seeking relatives to submit a password, where no passwords exist, so a unfit to even use a tablet.  Amazon is wakeful of a problem and pronounced a repair is going to be accessible someday subsequent week.

Here are some of a patron complaints regarding to a Freetime Unlimited issue.

“All 3 of my kids excite fires are messed up. 2 of them unregistered themselves and one usually won’t open anything, books, apps, videos,games. we deleted some files for one child currently given she got a blunder summary that her memory was too full. And it wouldn’t let her record on to a WiFi. Then we close it off and incited it right behind on and it had wiped all 3 kids profiles. It shows my form though usually bureau preloaded content. And it won’t accept my cue to clear a parental controls. One of my kids uses her device to take records on. Lots of information gone?”

“Woke adult to deregistered kindles this morning. Kindle HD 8.9 Kindle 7. Both are for a kids and they use Freetime (not freetime unlimited). Re-registered though apps that use WiFi give blunder observant there is no internet. If a repair is going to take over a week afterwards my primary membership renovation due in Aug should be free. Also freetime total should be offering for giveaway for a year due to nuisance of losing all app information and progress. PS. Kindle HD 10 did not deregister though ever given Update final week my battery drains in reduction afterwards an hour. Kindle was purchased reduction than 7 months ago and battery would final all day before update.”

“I powered adult my son’s Kindle glow currently and a usually form on it says “owner” and is requesting a pass code. It was operative excellent when he went to bed final night and no one overwhelmed it given then. It asks for a pass code, though given it isn’t my profile, we can't clear it”

Are we carrying a Freetime or Freetime Unlimited problem? Drop a criticism below.

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