Kindle Fire 7 Review: $50 Tablet Satisfies Most Needs during a Great Price

November 2, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon announced that a newKindle Fire 7-inch inscription would cost usually $50. How can they make a peculiarity party and reading inscription for that price? They’re possibly loading it with crappy tools and low-end specs or they’re losing a lot of income on any device. I systematic a inscription since we wanted to know if a $50 inscription could offer an beguiling knowledge while reading books, magazines, or websites. Would it work good for examination TV and cinema or listening to audiobooks and music? What about apps and games?

kindle glow 7

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Kindle Fire 7 Display

The $50 Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch indication brings with it a reduce fortitude arrangement during usually 1024 x 600. That’s a pixel firmness of 171 pixels per inch. Amazon also sells a new Kindle Fire HD 6-inch with a 252 pixels density, that translates into 1280 x 800. It costs $99. The older 7-inch Fire HD offering full 720p fortitude and cost $199.

Despite a low 1024×600 resolution, the shade looks good enough. Some readers hatred silken tone screens and they will hatred a new Kindle Fire 7. However, those of us who don’t mind can suffer a decent reading knowledge for less than the cost of a high-end inscription like a new iPad mini 4 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

The new Amazon Kindle Fire 7 doesn’t demeanour really good outside in object or indoors with intensely splendid lights. Changing to a low light mode (black credentials with white text) helps. Turning adult liughtness to 100% helps too, though it also diminishes battery life.

Kindle Fire 7 Design

kindle glow 7 behind and speakers

Notice a dull behind edges on a new Kindle Fire 7 on tip compared to a squared pattern of a comparison one underneath.

The Kindle Fire 7-inch feels thick and chunky. Amazon didn’t put a lot of income into industrial design, so don’t even try to review it to tablets like a iPad mini 4 or Galaxy S2. Both of those tablets cost during slightest 8 times some-more than a $50 Kindle Fire 7.

Amazon transposed a squared off pattern of final year’s 7-inch Fire with a dull pattern on a backside edges. That creates it feel some-more gentle while holding a tablet.

kindle glow 7 side and thickness

Kindle Fire 7 Storage and Cloud Drive

The bill Kindle Fire 7-inch inscription comes with usually 8GB of storage, however, they enclosed a micro-SD label container expandable adult to 128GB. Unlike unchanging Android, a Amazon branded Fire OS 5 lets users implement apps and store calm on an SD label easily. With unchanging Android inclination a user might need to penetrate a complement to get some apps to run from an SD card. This potentially frees adult a lot of space. Fire OS 5 also intermittently offers to giveaway adult space by archiving files not used in a prolonged time.

Any calm purchased by Amazon that can stay in a cloud doesn’t count opposite a user’s alloted Amazon Cloud Drive storage. Photos taken with a inscription will upload to Amazon’s servers and they also don’t count opposite a user’s storage. Users get 5GB of Amazon Cloud Drive storage for giveaway for their personal files. Unlimited storage costs $59.99/year. Use that for media or ubiquitous backup by installing a Cloud Drive app ono your other mobile inclination or on a computer.

Kindle Fire 7 Cameras

kindle glow 7 sd label container and camera and buttons

The Fire comes with a 2MP behind camera that’s not great. It’s many useful for scanning papers or to constraint discerning moments that we wish to remember though don’t devise to arrangement publicly. Most people also lift a smartphone with a distant improved camera. For $50 it’s extraordinary they embody not usually one though dual cameras. The other is a front-facing VGA peculiarity camera which is useful for video discuss and tiny else. You won’t expected take many selfies unless you’re unfortunate and can’t find your phone.

kindle glow 7 behind orator and camera

Performance and Battery Life

For a $50 inscription with a scanty 1.3GHz quad-core processor and usually 1GB of RAM, a bill Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet runs well. Apps and games cocktail open a impulse a user taps a idol to bucket them. Swiping screens feels liquid and a inscription turns on fast and boots cold in underneath a minute.

New Kindle Fire 7 specs and size.

New Kindle Fire 7 specs and size.

The battery life lasts each bit of a betrothed 7 hours. It also lasted for days in stand-by mode though losing many charge. we hadn’t incited on a shade during a week-long vacation and it usually mislaid a tiny extract in that time.

The tablet’s speed, memory, screen and speakers all impact a device’s media performance. The Fire 7’s mono speaker sounds acceptable. Most people will block in headphones and a sound delivers beguiling audio by a decent set of headphones.

Amazon Kindle Fire OS 5

kindle glow os 5

The initial time a seasoned Kindle Fire inscription user will notice a extreme disproportion when she initial turns on a tablet. The informed Carousel gets transposed by a new tabbed interface. The new Fire OS uses a hunt bar during a tip to make it easy to fast find anything permitted by a inscription including…

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Music
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Items for sale in Amazon store
  • Web sites
  • Apps
  • Games

The tabs uncover adult usually next a hunt box and embody tabs for all a calm a user can suffer on their Fire tablet. The Home symbol shows a quarrel of new equipment accessible on a tablet. For example, if we implement a new app and buy a new book, they will uncover adult there. Below that we get a grid of recently used apps.

Swipe left or right to switch between a tabs/screens. We get a following screens in sequence from left to right:

  • Home
  • Books
  • Video
  • Games
  • Shop
  • Apps
  • Music
  • Audiobooks
  • Newstand

There’s also an idol for your library and for a Amazon store. Open a library and daub a menu symbol in a tip left to see categories fo a stream screen. Tap a library with a above tabs open and a library will uncover your content. The store symbol takes a user to a store for that kind of content.

At a bottom we get a normal program buttons for back, home and charge switcher, many like other Android devices.

Along with a Amazon Kindle Fire we get Amazon Underground, a kind of Netflix for apps. This gives users giveaway apps that are totally giveaway of in-app purchases that can hurt a gaming or app experience. With Amazon Unlimited those levels or coins or additional calm that a user normally pays for come giveaway with a service.

Amazon says that users will shortly be means to download song and videos if they allow to a $99/year Amazon Prime service. This includes total video and song along with additional storage and giveaway two-day shipping or one-day shipping for $3.99 for many products. The inscription comes with a giveaway month of Prime to try it out.


kindle glow 7 buttons and ports

Despite a bill hardware, we like a $50 Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet. It’s a good distance for reading books. It feels like holding a tiny paper behind book. It’s plain and feels like it will reason adult over time. For a price, we can’t protest too many about a far-reaching bezel and low fortitude screen. The battery life is good, even if it’s not great. And a new Fire OS 5 feels liquid and runs smoothly. Apps and calm bucket quickly.

Here’s a good thing about a $50 tablet. If we can get together with 5 other friends, we can buy a six-pack for a cost of 5 tablets. That’s about $42 per tablet.

People who like tablets though are on a despotic budget will suffer a Kindle Fire 7 so prolonged as they don’t review or devour calm outward or in intensely splendid light. If that is you, get a improved inscription or a unchanging Kindle with e-ink instead of an IPS tone tablet.

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