‘Keepy’ Your Family’s Memories

May 13, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

‘Keepy’ Your Family’s Memories

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KeepyIf you’re conflicted over throwing out your child’s many new ‘tissue paper ‘n straw flower garden’ contra examination a ever-growing store of glitter-streaked art projects widen and climb along your dining room table, Keepy competence be your happy medium. This app, that allows we to constraint and share your family’s keepsakes along with video and audio comments, acts as an interactive print manuscript and comes finish with private pity capabilities.

With Keepy, we can snap a pic of your child’s art work, stand it, raise it with video or voiceover and share it with those you’ve invited around email or your possess private Keepy webpage (making it super easy for not-so-techy types). Members of your invite-only network – Keepy calls them “fans” – can also respond to your posts with their possess video and audio comments.

For example, we can share a print from your son’s kindergarten graduation and a video of your daughter singing a ‘Frozen song’… again.  Once your fans are told of your new ‘keepies,’ grandma can post one video congratulating a new connoisseur and another purgation over her granddaughter’s performance. “You don’t usually get a ‘like’ that your child substantially doesn’t even get to see,” pronounced Keepy Founder and CEO Offir Gutelzon. “Even tiny children can be a partial of a engagement.”  With a concentration on family connection, Keepy brings together opposite generations around a moments we many wish to remember.

Keepy also creates it easy to classify your special memories by child and by year. And for relatives who highlight over a thought of a tech glitch wiping out their family’s favorite memories, a app also syncs with Dropbox.

Gutelzon explained that he came adult with a Keepy judgment 3 and a half years ago after relocating to New York City from Israel. “When my comparison child went off to open school, a dining room started to demeanour like an art class.” He added, “I satisfied that this was a enlightenment shift.  Kid’s creativity isn’t tangible by art work in Israel.  There’s a opposite word for that.” He also beheld that art work isn’t unequivocally something that’s saved on Facebook or Instagram.

The teetering piles of art projects highlighted another change as good – Gutelzon could no longer simply share these mementos with his parents.  They were now distant away. Speaking to friends in a general village within NYC, he satisfied that others also had a same issues.

Keepy came about as a mutli-generation height that can be used as a clutter-free approach to save and share memories and keep in hold with desired ones. Gutelzon combined that Keepy also allows relatives to build their children’s possess private time lines. “When your kids grow up, they’ll be means to see a story of their life and suffer it.”

Keepy, that is accessible on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire, can be enjoyed for giveaway with usually fifteen cinema and videos a month. Unlimited cinema and videos can be saved, common and orderly for $5.99 month or $39.99 for a year.




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