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June 17, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

There’s tiny doubt that Amazon has been a pushing force behind a digital edition revolution, including a impact on self-publishing. The once-daunting routine of being an author meant navigating some fraudulent waters on both a artistic side and a business side of things. But with a Kindle Direct Publishing platform, authors have enjoyed a sincerely candid edition process.

New changes to a KDP dashboard were usually launched in a past week, and they’ve already had a large impact on how authors are means to call adult impending information. One of a arch differences is now all sales opposite each Amazon marketplace are a default setting. You can still name a nation from a dropdown menu if we wish to besiege one market, though this replaces a need to name each singular marketplace away in sequence to check sales.

Another sure-to-be-popular environment is a Historical tab, that shows we all of your sales from a date we initial published a book, no matter how prolonged that is. That information used to be accessible to authors though usually as a downloaded Excel file. Now, it’s visible right on a shade in real-time, and gathered sales, giveaway KDP Select downloads, and page reads if a book is in Kindle Unlimited.

This form of information is vicious to authors as it helps not usually uncover a lapse on their effort, though also helps them draft out that promotional strategies have been operative for them. It would be good to see book ranking listed as one of a information points on a graph, along with how it fluctuated over time, as that would also assistance authors know a association between downloads and their promo efforts.

Ironically, a dashboard refurbish came about around a time that a tiny press intrigue publisher was arrested for fudging her clients’ sales total and shortchanging them on their royalties. This dashboard isn’t typically accessible to authors who pointer their rights over to a publisher or another third-party distributor, as a entity that uploaded a edition to KDP controls a account.

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