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April 17, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has grown a lot of programs over a years, some directed during creation a patron knowledge better, others dictated to take caring of a worldwide fast of authors. Unfortunately, a hush-hush inlet that all book retailers and publishers have about sales total can meant that a open doesn’t have full clarity about a process.

One source has now damaged down a information in a Data Guy-kind of way, examining a expected numbers behind Kindle Unlimited. Written Word Media’s report, while positively formed on a satisfactory volume of speculation, has some plain math behind it. Their take on it examines either or not KU subscriptions are good for reading consumers, as good as either or not authors indeed mount to advantage from a disdainful mandate that go along with inventory their books by KU.

Backing up, Kindle Unlimited is not to be confused with other programs like Prime Reading or merely KDP Select. Listing a book in KDP Select is positively a requirement for putting it in Kindle Unlimited, though not for Amazon selecting to enroll a book in Prime Reading. Customers contingency compensate a $9.99 per month subscription price to examination a one million-plus titles in Kindle Unlimited, and authors contingency sell their books exclusively on Amazon in sequence to put their books in front of those profitable readers.

Written Word Media pennyless down how many subscribers there competence be, and correlated that to a formula of their possess survey, that resulted in a rarely prepared theory as to how many books KU subscribers indeed examination in a month. For a full relapse of their discovery, check out their news here. But a few eyebrow-raising information points include:

• It’s expected that there are 2.5 Million active readers enrolled in KU.
• KU readers examination some-more books and examination books during a aloft rate.
• 77% of KU subscribers go on to squeeze books outward of a program.
• 60% of a best offered titles on a Amazon paid charts were enrolled in KU.
• 88 of a tip 100 intrigue books on a bestseller charts were enrolled in KU.

So is exclusivity–and therefore Kindle Unlimited readers–a good thing for authors? There are strategies that can make it really remunerative as a selling and prominence tactic, and is something that authors should consider. As for customers, membership depends only on how most value we get from a subscription fee. If we don’t examination adequate to clear a 10 bucks a month, maybe not. If we do assimilate your books, we positively have a lot to select from.

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