How to find e-books on a inexpensive now that Oyster is gone

September 23, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Oyster, we frequency knew ye.

If a all-you-can-eat indication works for song and movies, it should work for books as well, right? That was a meditative behind “Netflix-for-e-books” services such as Entitle, Oyster and Scribd, all of that offer total reading for a prosaic monthly rate.

Make that offered, past tense: Entitle sensitively sealed a doors over a summer, and yesterday Oyster announced skeleton to retire a service in a subsequent few months.

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Perhaps this was inevitable, as we have to be a flattering zealous reader to clear a $10 per month subscription fee. What’s more, nonetheless Oyster managed to contend 3 of a 5 largest US book publishers, a library consisted of a sincerely scanty 1 million titles.

So, what options sojourn for book lovers looking to review on a cheap? Here’s a rundown:

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon stays a best-known actor in a fast timorous Netflix-for-ebooks game. Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 per month and offers over 1 million titles, all of them permitted around your Kindle e-reader, inscription and apps.

If we browse a Unlimited stacks, however, we might not find many we indeed wish to read. A discerning examination reveals few obvious titles or authors. Oyster, for a part, charity a many improved selection. And if we already have an Amazon Prime subscription, a Kindle Lending Library (which lets we steal one book per month) gives we entrance to what appears to be a scarcely matching catalog.

Book bundles


E-books in bulk? That’s a thought behind bundles, that give we a inexhaustible assisting of titles for a low cost — or even whatever cost we wish to pay.

Every few weeks, for example, Humble Bundle offers a new name-your-own cost collection. In fact, currently is your final possibility to squeeze a Neil Gaiman Rarities bundle, that facilities books, essays and comics.

Then there’s StoryBundle, charity curated, genre-specific collections like a stream Philip K. Dick Award Bundle. You can compensate whatever cost we wish for 6 books, or compensate during slightest $15 to get all 11 books in a promotion. Suffice it to say, those titles would cost we extremely some-more if purchased separately.

These and other bundlers offer newsletters that will forewarn we when new bundles turn available.


E-books infrequently go on sale, though how can we know when? Or that e-book seller has a best price? All we need is Luzme, a giveaway use that marks e-books (and their prices) formed on title, author, array name or ISBN.

Just run a hunt to see stream prices for any given title. If you’d rather wait for a sale, we can supplement a book to your watchlist; Luzme will forewarn we when there’s a cost drop.

Kindle, Kobo and Nook deals

The Big Three e-booksellers frequently put books on sale, and we can spasmodic find some wheat churned in with a chaff. So bookmark Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals page, Barnes Noble’s Nook Books Under $5 and Kobo’s Great Reads Under $4.99.



Scribd is now a singular best book-subscription service, period. Notice we didn’t contend “e-book” service; nonetheless we have copiousness of good choices in that department, Scribd also carries a plain catalog of comics and audiobooks.

Indeed, for $8.99 per month, we can review a likes of “American Sniper,” listen to “The Girl on a Train,” and get your fill of Captain America before a subsequent movie.

Your internal library

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Download Destination

Last, though really not least, see what your internal library has to offer. Many, if not most, have partnered with services such as Overdrive to let we check out e-books, customarily for a two-week period.

You might have to get on a watchful list, as libraries have singular copies (just like with imitation books), though there’s still no improved cost than free.

Have we found any other good sources for giveaway or inexpensive e-reading? Name them in a comments!

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