How to Download Free Books, Movies, and Music This Summer

June 25, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Want your summer vacation party for subsequent to nothing? Many libraries have agreements with websites that let we check out electronic versions of books, movies, music, and more—for free. All we need is a library card, a small reason from a librarian, and a large beach sweeping (to keep a silt out of your devices).


How it works: Most library ebooks are offering in Kindle and/or “epub” format, definition they are permitted on only about any device with a screen: phone, tablet, e-reader, or computer.
The rules: Like that of a imitation counterparts, ebook accessibility is singular to a series of copies your library owns, so we could finish adult watchful for new releases. Most ebooks also contingency be “returned” within one to dual weeks (though in a digital universe they simply disappear from your devices).

Beyond a library: Apple, Amazon, Google Play, and other ebook sellers offer some giveaway downloads. You’re not expected to find bestsellers, yet there are some fun reads.


How it works: Services like Hoopla and OverDrive let we tide or download audiobooks to your PC or mobile devices. The books aren’t recent, yet there are many prior bestsellers.
The rules: Borrow for dual to 3 weeks, yet OverDrive lets Windows users bake audiobooks to CDs and keep them.
Beyond a library: offers hundreds of public-domain audiobooks available by volunteers.

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How it works: Freegal is a use that offers library-card holders a bound series of strain and music-video downloads a week—you’ll find pop, jazz, and classical.
The rules: Songs are delivered in MP3 format. You can play them on many devices—and keep them.
Beyond a library: The Google Play store frequently offers giveaway strain from obvious artists. Head to and set adult an warning for “Google Play giveaway music.”


How it works: Download an app from Flipster and Zinio, a services many libraries use. There are stream and behind issues of hundreds of mainstream titles.
The rules: Magazines don’t customarily end a approach ebooks do, yet we have to take out issues individually.
Beyond a library: Services like Magzter and Texture offer total reading for a prosaic rate ($8 to $10 a month).

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How it works: The Hoopla app lets we download video to your mobile device for off-line viewing. The calm is family-friendly, yet don’t design first-run selections.
The rules: Loans are permitted for 72 hours.
Beyond a library: Amazon Prime subscribers can download name cinema and TV shows during no additional charge.

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