How to Cancel Amazon Prime

March 25, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Prime is for many people a cold and useful service. For $99 a year, we suffer a operation of benefits, from giveaway two-day shipping on many products to a immeasurable lineup of streaming cinema and TV shows around Amazon Video.

But what if we confirm a Prime membership is no longer for you? Perhaps it’s no longer in a budget, or maybe we only don’t take advantage of a many facilities anymore. The time has come to contend farewell to Prime.

First, let’s only examination a features offering by Prime. Beyond a giveaway two-day shipping and Prime Video, Prime kicks in total entrance to millions of songs around Prime Music, total online print storage by Prime Photos, a Kindle e-book lending library, giveaway two-hour smoothness on groceries and other equipment in certain cities, giveaway one-hour smoothness from many restaurants in certain cities, early entrance to special Lightning deals, giveaway entrance to Audible audio series, and a horde of other features. Sounds like utterly a package.

And if we don’t wish all that, we can allow only to Prime Video for $8.99 a month. Plus, we can entrance your Prime videos and other calm on your PC, mobile device, intelligent TV, or intelligent Blu-ray player. Amazon even offers a 30-day giveaway hearing to take Prime for a exam drive.

Still wish to put a kibosh on your account? Okay, let’s go by a routine for quitting Prime.

First, pointer in during a Amazon website with your username and password. You can do this by hovering over a Account Lists territory in a upper-right dilemma and clicking on a Sign in button. After we record in, float over a same territory and click on a couple for My Account. At a “Your Account” page, click on a couple to “Manage Prime Membership.”

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

The Manage Your Prime Membership page pops up. Assuming you’re a entirely paid member, click on a couple to End Membership.

“Paid members who haven’t used their advantages are authorised for a full refund,” according to Amazon. “You can’t accept a reinstate if any of a domicile members have placed an Amazon Prime authorised order.”

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Those who sealed adult for a giveaway hearing contingency pause a use differently their subscription will switch to a paid membership during a finish of a hearing period. If you’re still on a 30-day giveaway hearing and wish to cancel early, click a “Do not continue” couple on a Manage Your Prime Membership page.

For paid members cancelling Prime, Amazon afterwards flashes a page seeking if you’re certain we wish to finish your membership. If we are sure, afterwards click a symbol to Continue to Cancel.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon afterwards tries one last-ditch bid to keep we onboard with another page seeking we to cruise switching to monthly payments. If you’re still unaffected in your query to cancel, click on a End Membership button, and you’ll finally disjoin a cord with your Prime account.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

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