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Faithful Catholics have felt it in their skeleton for some time now — that organisation of true Catholics who have had sufficient time to investigate it and know it, besides feeling it.

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There is something terribly wrong in a Church, and in vast part, it’s overdue to dishonest preaching — and among that organisation of dishonest preaching is a network of homosexual group who misuse their vows and promises and responsibilities to Our Blessed Lord, His Holy Church and a sheep.

Now, only to be clear, that outline relates to all kinds of clergy, not only to those who are homosexual; though a consistent tide of news about homosexual preaching has to make make we lay adult and say, “What is going on?”

There are many dissidents in a Church these days with varying motives for their dissent. But what appears to be a many common reason for their insubordination to a Church is sexual.

There was a really new news that 80-year-old Notre Dame clergyman Fr. Virgilio Elizondo committed suicide when allegations came out that he had molested an waif who came to him for assistance after carrying been molested by another clergyman earlier.

The immature male had initial left to a internal bishop of San Antonio for help, though got blown off by him, that caused a immature male to afterwards go to Fr. Elizondo.

Imagine that — an waif child is regularly molested by a priest, eventually goes to a bishop, who radically throws him out of a office, and afterwards in recklessness turns to another clergyman who reportedly starts a molesting all over again.

Then there is a horror story issuing out of executive Pennsylvania right now of hundreds of cases of homosexual priests raping students during a propagandize and their superiors covering a whole thing adult for years. And like a initial case, a purported molester finished adult murdering himself.

There are dual tools to these terrible stories: The initial is a passionate assault; a other is a cover and protection. But a incomparable overarching story is a outrageous series of homosexual group in a ecclesiastics and eremite life. How did so many, approach out of suit to their numbers in a multitude during large, get into a seminary, consecrated and expelled on a sheep in a initial place?

Now, apparently not all priests who are homosexual are child predators. That isn’t a subject of this “Vortex.” The subject of this “Vortex” is a network that exists that covers for them — all of them — either they are molesters or only intimately active with adults, priests or otherwise.

And yes, there is a network. There has been for decades, and many bishops and eremite superiors know all about it. In fact, not a tiny series of them are a partial of it.

Take, for example, a box of Fr. Carl Marucci, who deserted his vows and “married” Drew Marsenison in New York City on Sep 14, 2013. Their YouTube video display their marriage went viral — and we need to remember that this male is a priest. He deserted his Church, forsook his vows, though he is a clergyman forever.


The former Msgr. Carl J. Marucci who was clamp chancellor of a Camden, New Jersey diocese, was a homosexual protegé of Bp. James T. McHugh, who eventually changed on from Camden to spin bishop of Rockville Center in New York. Bishop McHugh was something of a muckety-muck during a U.S. Bishops Conference and was in assign of implementing classroom sex instruction in Catholic schools.   

Bishop McHugh himself was a protegé of Cdl. Ted McCarrick of Washington, D.C., who has large allegations opposite him from former seminarians and immature priests claiming he came on to them for passionate favors. Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York is believed by many to have been a homosexual and lifting adult protegés — a growth and enlargement of a homosexual preaching network. 

The unaccompanied box of Msgr. Marucci has many legs and low roots, only as roughly all of them do.

In 1994, Bp. McHugh reserved him as a staff member of a Office of Permanent Observer for a Vatican during a U.N., and he resided during Manhattan’s St. Agnes Church, famous distant and far-reaching for it traditionalism. Four years later, Bp. McHugh was allocated to Rockville Center and died unexpected in Dec 2000.

With Bp. McHugh now off a scene, Marucci, intuiting that with his coach left he competence not have protection, left a ecclesiastics and staid into an undenominational church. He does work now with non-profits associated to health caring chaplaincy and fundraising efforts.

What’s a indicate of all this? To denote a network of a homosexual common during work in a Church, that promotes it own, advances it possess and protects a own. It’s also to uncover how far-flung it is, both with crew and geography.  

At slightest Marucci left a priesthood. Most don’t. They stay in vital a life of betraying their vows and not operative for a Kingdom, though themselves. Some spin out to be child molesters. Some never go nearby a child though are dangerous, maybe even some-more so, in other ways.

How prolonged before a Church of Nice admits that this is a problem? Don’t reason your breath. The Church of Nice is all about this — all emotion, feeling, crying, sobbing, hand-holding, singing foolish hymns with syrupy, emotion-encouraging nonsense — and a law be damned. But a contemptible existence is, in a end, it won’t be a law that will be damned. It will be those in a Church who perpetrated these lies and falsehoods and incited a other way, and even promoted evils for their possess greedy ends.

There is a homosexual network in a Church of group who do not live their vows. And a aim is to destroy a Church.

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