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January 26, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Few open institutions are as desired as a open library. Out of a county of some-more than 30,000 people, about 7,000 of them use a library devoutly. In a march of a year, those people check out 117,000 equipment (books, DVDs, audio books) — scarcely double a whole 65,000-item collection. The Taos News talked with Shirley Fernandez, executive of Taos Public Library, to mangle down these numbers and speak about what it takes to keep a books relocating and lights on during a literary heart of Taos.

Let’s flog this speak off with a bit about yourself.

I was innate and lifted here in Taos. we was left for 25 years. When we returned, we worked here and there. we started [at a library] as an administration partner and 3 1/2 years ago, we became a director. I’ve been during a library 14 years. we adore my job.

What do we do as a director?

It’s mostly supervisory. we do collection and development, conduct a bill and try to rise programming that will assistance a community. And a lot of patron service. we do a small of everything, as many of a staff does. We all have to. We all work a desk, do some form of collection management, either it’s weeding or processing. Almost each object that comes by needs us to demeanour during it for one reason or another.

How many employees do we have?

There’s 10 full-timers and one part-timer. We are open to a open 48 hours a week.

What do all of your volunteers do?

Mostly, a volunteers get books behind on a shelves. One proffer usually does “shelf reading,” going by a library a territory and shelf during a time to keep a books in order. Our congregation will browse, collect it adult and consider they’re putting it in a right spot. But infrequently it’s a few [spaces] off or a shelf next or above [the scold place]. If a book gets mis-shelved somewhere and we can’t find it, [we have to wait] until someone eventually pulls it out.

And since Taos was an artists colony, a collection [of art books] is unequivocally astounding. I’m not an expert, so we use some volunteers who are former employees who know a congregation and collection [to winnow those books].

Let’s speak numbers: How many books are in here?

We’ve got 65,000 items, and that includes cinema and CDs. Not all circulates. The Southwest Collection – we have to demeanour during that here in a library – it’s internal authors and books about Taos that are kind of tough to come by, and that’s since they aren’t authorised out of a library. Circulation was approximately 117,000 final year.

Holy moly, that’s some-more than I’d expect. How many people are checking out that many items?

The normal is 500 people a day. Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a small bit less, yet Monday and Tuesdays – we’re swamped. Some people … usually check out usually one object during a time and others … use their whole extent of 10. we have 14,000 cardholders and usually half are active — and that’s someone who’s used a library in a final 3 years. Our authorised use village is a city of Taos (about 5,600 people), yet we offer a whole county of 32,000. The final we checked, it’s dual county residents for each city resident. The ones who use it unequivocally use it.

What’s your bill demeanour like?

Mostly, appropriation comes from a city of Taos, that is over $600,000 a year. That mostly covers salaries and advantages for a staff, utilities, upkeep for a building. About $22,000 goes for books and subscriptions. We get another $25,000 from Friends of a Library, a nonprofit classification that raises supports usually for a library. Only $7,000 comes from a state in grants and aid. And a bond released upheld in November, so we’ll get about $30,000 from that, too, yet we can’t count on it on a unchanging basement since it’s formed on voter approval.

I have to ask — how many do we get from fines?

From that, profitable for shop-worn equipment and also a duplicate services, about $26,000.

How do we confirm how many of your bill goes to digital services?

We keep conference about libraries in California and [on the] East Coast closing. They’re observant libraries aren’t being used anymore, yet that’s not a case. A lot of things are being accessed electronically. But in Taos, we can’t allot that many to digital since my congregation are mechanism illiterate, even yet all else is going digital.

We have 18 computers that are for open use, and they are used heavily. We try to ascent a computers each 3 or 4 years, yet as we know, all technological becomes archaic as shortly as we buy it. I’m looking during removing “hot spots” for congregation to check out since a internet is not as straightforwardly accessible as we’d like it to be. There’s a lot of people who’d like to have internet during home, yet don’t have it since of connectivity issues. More and some-more things are usually being offering digitally — pursuit applications, Social Security, taxes.

As a book lover, how on earth do we confirm that books to keep and get absolved of?

We are constantly going by a collection. That’s what “weeding” does. We take a territory during a time and use a statistics — a customary process for libraries — to check and see if it’s still being used.

If a book becomes damaged, that will take it out. Water repairs is a large one. Even if it looks like it’s dusty out, there can be mold that’s still there and it can widespread [to a rest of a library]. We’re operative unequivocally listened to take any water-damaged books out of a library.

And we lift out anything that’s out of date. The medical books are harder since they aren’t being printed anymore, yet my village isn’t that mechanism literate. we don’t wish to keep something that’s not accurate on a shelf. So do we keep it in there since we can’t find anything else?

Do we lend Kindle books?

Yes. we can’t appreciate a before executive adequate for carrying a prophesy to get that. It’s unequivocally costly to do, yet as a consortium with 25 other farming libraries in New Mexico, we can share a audio books and digital versions in that collection of about 7,000 items.

We also franchise [physical] books. The library gets about 30 new best-sellers each month, so we reason on to them until we don’t need them anymore. Most of a time, one duplicate is enough.

So it’s arrange of like a Kindle Unlimited or any other subscription service, usually scaled adult for a library?

I wish to contend it’s around $6,000 a year and we’re authorised to keep [about] 600 equipment during a time.

What’s your favorite partial of a library?

I occur to like audio books. You can’t go wrong with a “Harry Potter” series. The final one we listened to was “Gone Girl.” we review a book, afterwards listened to a audio book, afterwards watched a movie. All 3 give we a totally opposite take. Read it initial since it’s your imagination.

What programs do we have going on and what would we contend is a many successful?

We have a integrate giveaways of Dr. Seuss books for kids in a winter to keep them meddlesome in reading. There’s a summer reading module for kids and teens. The Friends of a Library has been unequivocally friendly to assistance us out with a summer harangue series.

The mechanism classes were indeed a many successful program. We need to learn those unequivocally simple skills — it’s startling how many people don’t even know how to use a mouse. It was a two-week module that ran a integrate of opposite times. we usually don’t have a income to compensate an instructor.

And what about something that hasn’t worked so well?

We’re carrying a many problems attracting a teenage years. Seniors are large proponents of a library. But it’s that 20-30 age group. … I’m not certain how to get them in here. Once they turn parents, they’re behind in. But but kids, they contingency be doing their reading somewhere else.

Is 2017 going to move any large changes or initiatives?

We are looking during rearranging where a computers are now. We did self-checkout kiosks final year, so a messenger is a self-check-in. I’m anticipating to get adequate appropriation to get that done. we get unequivocally good comments [on a self-checkout] and a few people who consider it’ll take a pursuit divided — it won’t. Of course, some people come in usually for a [socializing], so if we need us, usually look. We’re here.

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