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December 15, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

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France has been really distressed about e-book subscription platforms and how disruptive they competence be towards a book offered industry. Fleur Pellerin, a French Minister of Culture in late 2014 stirred a supervision to start an official investigation to explore either or not Amazon Kindle Unlimited was essentially illegal.  In February 2015 Laurence Engel, la Médiatrice du livre, ruled that all the subscription services were indeed bootleg and all companies handling in France had to change their business model. This has now stirred Amazon to change their business indication and a name of their complement from Kindle Unlimited to Kindle Subscription.

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Kindle Subscription is essentially a same complement as it was before, solely they are no longer earnest an total series of titles. They have done it really transparent in their new terms of service that usually a few hundred thousand titles are accessible and if we subscription lapses we will no longer have entrance to any of them.

One of a other vast changes is that users have a limit of 14 days to ask for a reinstate on their subscription. If a user in France signs adult and after a week they comprehend this competence not be for them, Amazon will give them a refund, no questions asked. This is really opposite from how they work in a United States, where there is no reinstate policy.

On a edition side of things, there are a series of important changes.

  1. Subscribers staying in France get reading credits when profitable their subscription. These credits are “mutualized” among all subscribers staying in France, that allows them to read a vast series of e-books enclosed in their Kindle Subscription.
  2. Authors and publishers determined in France have to set a cost per reading section (on KDP, per page read) for their e-book enclosed to be enclosed in a new system. You can enter this cost in your KDP account.
  3. KDP authors and publishers not determined in France don’t need to set a cost per page for their e-books enclosed in Kindle Subscription and kingship payments will be paid out as per usual.

The vast takeaway from currently is that French publishers and indie authors will be means to collect a per page review remuneration option, therefore being means to beget some-more revenue. In sequence for this to occur though, some-more business within France have to subscribe, in sequence for it to be truly lucrative.

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