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September 8, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

In my final column, we talked about dipping my toe into a frothy waters of self-publishing after years of relying on normal edition houses. At a commencement of that process, we motionless to sell exclusively yet Amazon, as against to churned channels.

My logic was straightforward: when examining a kingship statements for my traditionally published books, we saw that Kindle constituted a good infancy of my e-book sales. In addition, when it comes to shilling e-books, Amazon offers a handful of promotional collection for those who confirm to tell usually by a Kindle platform.

But how good do these collection indeed work? One month after edition “Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me,” a book of crime-fiction brief stories, we can tell we that a formula have been mixed, during slightest in a brief term. Here’s a breakdown:

Giving Away Free Copies

Through Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Amazon offers authors a ability to give divided books for giveaway for a pre-set array of days (known as ‘Free Book Promotion’).

I don’t know about you, yet I’m not a outrageous fan of giving my work divided for free. So instead of going down this route, we asked my crony John Wheeler about his practice with Free Book Promotion. John isn’t a veteran author; a integrate years back, for fun, he wrote a brief book with a incredible, for-the-ages pretension of “Cowboy Werewolf Massacre” and published it around Kindle. He also had no compunctions about giving it away, given his primary idea was to display a universe to his sole code of weirdness.

There’s an whole online ecosystem of Websites clinging to compelling Kindle authors’ book giveaways–often for a fee. Working off a list posted on Author Marketing Club, John figured out that of those sites would foster his giveaway books for free.

The outcome of all that self-promotion: he finished adult giving divided 1,400 copies of his book, a infancy of them on a initial day of a campaign. Within a few weeks, he finished adult offered (for tangible cash) an additional 10 copies, along with a integrate thousand pages “streamed” around Kindle Unlimited (more on that use later). Total revenues: about forty bucks.

The second month after his book’s release, with no additional promotional efforts, his book’s income forsaken to 7 bucks. He also warranted eleven Amazon reviews, decidedly mixed.

When we pierce that many giveaway copies of a book, we competence rocket to a tip of your sole Kindle theme category. However, removing to a tip of a “free” difficulty doesn’t impact your paid ranking once a book starts costing income again.

If John had promoted his giveaway some-more aggressively, would it have translated into bigger sales? Good question. In sell for hundreds of dollars, some Websites and newsletters guarantee to carpet-bomb tens of thousands of people with listings for your giveaway book. While that seems like an easy approach to leave a lot of intensity income on a table, such strategy competence finish adult operative out for authors who A.) already have a poignant following, and B.) are offered a array of some sort. For a authors who tumble into those categories, a initial (free) strike gets readers hooked, and a income follows accordingly as they squeeze a rest of a author’s works.

But for authors with small to no name approval (like John) and a immaterial portfolio, it’s some-more formidable to see how regulating giveaway days once a entertain (KDP’s limit) can significantly boost your sales.

Kindle Countdown Deals

Kindle allows we to cut a cost of your book down to 99 cents. As with giveaway books, this underline is mostly invalid in siege if you’re an author yet poignant name recognition; there’s no indicate in rupturing a cost of your work to usually underneath a sire if usually a few (if any) eyeballs will ever note it.

There are a array of Websites online that will foster your countdown deal–for a fee, if we wish a guaranteed mark finish with imagery, a brief description, and so on. There are authors who swear by these Websites, yet anyone who decides to rivet contingency seed a belligerent beforehand: make certain your book has a array of accurate reviews, has an online participation outward of Amazon, and so on.

While we didn’t examination to any of those promotional Websites, we did take a time before rising my Kindle Countdown Deal to line adult blogger interviews, reviews, and other elements that we knew would settle some-more of a trust in my book. When someone buys your tome, they’re creation a poignant gamble that you’re not going to rubbish your time; a book expelled and promoted in siege doesn’t lessen them, even if it costs reduction than a soda.

Kindle Giveaways

Amazon has a new underline that allows Kindle authors to raffle divided a set array of copies of their book. Not everybody who takes partial in these giveaways (not to be confused with KDP’s ‘free books’ promotion) gets a duplicate of your book, and we can need participants to rivet in certain tasks, such as finish a check or follow your Amazon author page.

If you’re perplexing to build adult a poignant Twitter or Amazon following, Giveaways can infer a useful feature. But it’s also an costly one, given we compensate for any copies given away. Although joining a giveaway with a Kindle Countdown understanding can extent what we compensate out-of-pocket, and we acquire royalties from a books your participants “win” (since we compensate for them), you’re shelling out nonetheless.

In further to gaining some-more followers, giveaways can also spike a array of reviews entrance in, nonetheless we competence have to wait several weeks for a initial ones to appear. Even yet lots of people attend in these giveaways, comparatively few will indeed leave a review. Sure, that’s annoying, yet zero should enforce a reader to do something they don’t wish to do.
Nor do Giveaways seem to interpret into large rank-jumping, so drop that idea: you’re not going to buy your approach to a tip of a bestseller list.

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited positions itself as a Netflix (or a Amazon Streaming, if we prefer) of e-books: rather than compensate for particular copies of books, those who’ve sealed adult for a module can review all they want. Authors accept a set volume of royalties per page read, that amounts to reduction than half a cent per page.

While that competence not sound like a illusory understanding for an author, Kindle Unlimited pages unequivocally supplement up. For a two-day duration in mid-August, for example, we sole no copies of my book on Kindle, yet my author dashboard available some-more than 500 pages read. we still done money. The large (and maybe unanswerable) doubt is either those participating in Kindle Unlimited would have indeed bought a book if this streaming module didn’t exist. In a end, I’ll take readers however we can get them.


Kindle Direct Publishing gives we a lot of promotional tools, nothing of that will build we a outrageous assembly overnight. When used in and with your other promotional efforts–such as blogger overdo and reviews–they can maybe pierce a needle on sales, yet nothing will make your book a blockbuster. For that, we need a lot of luck, total with a good understanding of work.

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