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July 18, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited



If you’ve been longing some-more extraordinary Euro-comix in your life. Comixology only done that dream come true. Europe Comics, a common of French denunciation publishers, and a much-under appreciated Cinebooks, are debuting currently on a Comixology platform. You can see a lineup next and there’s some bullion in there, both classical and contemporary, from Spirou to The Survivors to XIII.

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Europe Comics and Cinebook will make their comiXology entrance currently with a new placement agreement to sell English translations of remarkable bandes dessinées (BD) on comiXology. Customers will be means to squeeze over 45 titles currently accessible digitally for a initial time in English on comiXology. Noted titles embody longtime fan favorites like XIII, Largo Winch, Lucky Luke, Thorgal and Valerian. 
“French comics have been creation vital inroads with U.S fans for a final years during a rate never seen before. With both Europe Comics and Cinebooks, it’s smashing to see a catalog of extraordinary English denunciation BD grow during such a unusual pace,” pronounced comiXology’s Senior Director of Communication, Chip Mosher. “Thanks to this deal, a “French Invasion” of a comics on comiXology continues.”
Selections accessible currently include:
1066 Vol 1 by Patrick Weber
Antares Episodes 1–6 by Leo
Blake Mortimer Vol 1–3 by various
Blast 1 by Mamu Larcenet
Crusade Vol 1–4 by Jean Dufaux and Phillippe Xavier
Harmony 1 by Mathieu Reynès
The Keeper by Yves Sente and François Boucq
Lady S Vol 1–5 by Philippe Aymond and Jean Van Hamme
Largo Winch Vol 1–5 by Philippe Francq and Jean Van Hamme
Lucky Luke Vol 1–5 by Morris, René Goscinny and various
Raptors by Jean Dufaux and Enrico Marini
Thorgal Vol 1-3 by Grzegorz Rosinski and Jean Van Hamme 
Valerian Vol 1–10 by Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin
Water Memory by Mathieu Reynès and Valérie Vernay
XIII Vol 1–7 by Youri Jigounov, Yves Sente, Jean Van Hamme, William Vance, Jean Giraud and more
The following titles will be entrance soon:
Aldebaran by Leo
Alone by Bruno Gazzotti and Fabien Vehlmann
Alpha by Youri Jigounov and Mythic
Barracuda by Jérémy and Jean Dufaux
Berlin by Marvano and Mark Van Oppen
Betelgeuse by Leo
Billy Buddy by Jean Roba
The Bluecoats by Raoul Cauvin and Willy Lambil
Cedric by Laudec and Raoul Cauvin
The Chimpanzee by Richard Marazano and Jean-Michel Ponzio
Cinebook Recounts by Chauvin, Uderzo, B. Asso, and Bergese
Clifton by Bob De Groot and Michel Rodrigue and Turk
Damocles by Alain Henriet and Joël Callède
Darwin’s Diaries by Sylvain Runberg and Eduardo Ocaña
Ducoboo by Zidrou and Godi
The Fascinating by André-Paul Duchâteau and René Follet
Insiders by Jean-Claude Bertoll and Renaud Garreta
I.R.$. by Stephen Desberg and Bernard Vrancken
Iznogoud by René Goscinny and Jean Tabary
Kenya by Rodolphe and Leo
Lament by Grzegorz Rosinski and Jean Dufaux
The Last Templar by Miguel Lalor and Raymond Khoury
Long John Silver by Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffray
The Marquis of Anaon by Matthieu Bonhomme and Fabien Vehlmann
Melusine by François Gilson and Clarke
Namibia by Bertrand Marchal and Leo
Orbital by Sylvain Runberg and Serge Pellé
Papyrus by Lucien De Gieter
The Rugger Boys by Poupard and Béka
The Scorpion by Stephen Desberg and Enrico Marini
Spirou Fantasio by Franquin, Tome and Janry
The Survivors by Leo
Wayne Shelton by Christian Denayer and Jean Van Hamme
Wisher by Giulio De Vita and Sébastien Latour
XIII by Youri Jigounov, Yves Sente, Jean Van Hamme, William Vance, Jean Giraud and more
Yakari by Job and Derib
With over 75,000 comics, striking novels and manga from some-more than 150 publishers, comiXology offers a widest preference of digital comics in a world. ComiXology’s measureless catalog and cinematic Guided View reading knowledge make it a best digital height for comic fans worldwide.

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