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May 7, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited


Mother’s Day is right around a corner, that means it’s time to start meditative of ways to indurate your arrange as her favorite child.

You can’t buy love, though we certain can denote to her that she lifted an ecologically responsible, global-minded, well-rounded tellurian being. And that’s a present that keeps giving.

In this article, we demeanour during a series of Mother’s Day present ideas for moms that cruise about a kind of universe they’re handing to their kids (even if you’re not a child anymore).

Here are 20+ suggestions that will make your mom happy –while also assisting her revoke her CO footprint!


For a Chef

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant PotNot your typical vigour cooker –this is a “multi-cooker”, and it’s one of a tip cooking appliances on a market.

This appetite fit vigour can also reinstate 9 common kitchen appliances; it’s a rice cooker, delayed cooker, egg cooker, steamer, warmer, sterilizer, it’s good with sauté, and it’s even a yogurt maker. Yogurt! Oh, and it’s a vigour cooker, too.

The reviews on this product pronounce for themselves, so be certain to take a gander over on Amazon.


Reusable Baking Sheets

silicon baking sheetsA full day of cooking can supplement adult to a lot of waste, so it’s best to reuse wherever possible.

Reusable baking sheets are a ultimate wax-paper torpedo — these silicone baking sheets are reusable, so your mom can stop wasting income while she’s diverting rubbish from a landfill.

Silicone simplifies baking in ways that non-stick pans and polish paper never could. You can learn some-more about these here.


Filtered Water Pitcher

Soma filtered H2O pitcherBottled H2O is a dangerous gimmick — we are not healthier when we splash bottled water. In fact, studies uncover that bottled H2O has more germ than tap!

Take some of that low-cost daub water, embankment a bottles, and suffer chlorine-free H2O during home by filtering it with one of these BPA-free H2O pitchers.


Kitchen Compost Bin

kitchen compost binThese aren’t a compost bins we grew adult with –these are well-designed, odor-free kitchen compost bins.

There’s a few opposite sizes, designs, and builds during a couple above, from pleasing counter-top stainless-steel to a purposed built under-the-counter kind.


Indoor Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

Dried spices remove their season before they strech a grocery store –give your mom a collection she needs to grow her possess cooking herbs, right in a kitchen.

And there’s copiousness of options here, too; select from classic old-fashioned or modern hydroponic models, like graphic above.

Surrounding your mom with uninformed plants in a kitchen will assistance revoke stress, too.



sodastreamFor moms with a honeyed tooth, or who usually suffer celebration sparkling water, another approach to discharge cosmetic bottles (and lugging them around on grocery day) is to cruise selling her a trendy new SodaStream.

It’s got soap-box reviews from usually about everyone and is a good approach for your mom to be means to enjoy a accumulation of flavoured carbonated drinks without augmenting her CO footprint.


For a Bookworm

Mother's day reading

Amazon Kindle or iPad

rose bullion iPadSome moms adore paperbacks –and all a appetite to them—although zealous book readers tend to society books that take adult space, and they’re done of trees, which, well. May not be a good thought when a universe arrange of has a necessity of those!

You don’t need to be tech savvy to use an ebook reader, and we can even download books though regulating a computer. The Kindle e-reader is a good ebook reader, and some-more technologically savvy moms will adore a iPad Pro.


Kindle Unlimited

kindle unlimitedStrolling serve down a Kindle rabbit hole, a Kindle Unlimited module offers paper-free, total reading. Great for gripping book-loving moms happy (and maybe confuse them adequate to keep them from sneaking on your Facebook or job to ask we when you’re carrying kids).

You can find information on Kindle Unlimited here.



magzterFor zealous magazine-reading moms, there’s Magzter. If your mom’s favorite magazines have a digital edition, she can revoke a volume of paper she tosses each month by signing her adult here.


For a Green Thumb


Seed Kits

seed kitsHelp your mom cut down on monthly grocery losses and get all a health advantages of reconnecting with nature, removing exercise, and eating healthy eats!

You can browse some food-growing seed kits here.


Outdoor Composting Bin

outdoor composterAs if a kitchen composting bin wasn’t enough, let’s go full compost! Help your mom make her possess fertilizers and revoke her outlay of food rubbish to landfills with an outside composter.

You can find a good preference of outside composters here.


Rain Barrel

rain barrelReduce H2O expenditure by repurposing a giveaway kind that falls from a sky. Yes, folks — free H2O falls from a sky. That’s as good as income flourishing on trees, and it’s income in a bank (and a revoke CO footprint).

You can perspective a good preference of rainwater barrels here.


For a Techie

mother's day tech

When it comes to tech gifts, saving appetite is the name of a game.

Energy Efficiency during Home

homekit light switchReduce appetite expenditure and benefit some-more control over your home with a internet of things. This article has a series of suggestions that denote how one can revoke their appetite expenditure and perspective use details, right from a intelligent phone or tablet.

After you’ve checked out a article, take a demeanour during these smartphone-controlled opening adapters and light switches – your mom can make certain she didn’t leave her appliances on, even if she isn’t home.


Intelligent Thermostat

ecobee training thermostatThe Ecobee Learning Thermostat is a WiFi-enabled thermostat that also works with Amazon’s Alexa voice approval platform. The Ecobee will learn your habits, and afterwards automagically control your in-house climate, shortening appetite expenditure and saving income in a process. This one’s right out of Star Trek!

We also wrote in larger fact about how these systems work – if you’re curious, give it a read.


Smart Irrigation Timer

smart irrigation timerYour mom can have all a lushness of a Amazon Jungle in her backyard and cut her outdoor H2O use in half with this handy small device. The Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller is weather, and will optimize H2O use for your yard’s singular needs.


Solar Charger for her Smartphone or Tablet

solartab charging in a sun

We privately suggest a Solartab, as we’ve used it ourselves. And it usually happens to be one of a best (read: also inexpensive) solar chargers on a market. When it’s not in use, it looks usually like a tablet. When in use, it charges inclination with USB during limit speed.

It looks great, and it’s got good reviews — we can view a Solartab here, and save $20 off your squeeze when we use code GREENR20 during checkout. 


For a Fitness Lover

yoga mom

Being healthy goes hand-in-hand with vital sustainably, and any of these gifts will assistance kick-start a immature lifestyle, with health and aptness in mind.


Apple Watch or Fitbit

apple watchThese inclination have developed past elementary step trackers, and are positively past that breakthrough “status symbol” phase, too. Both a Apple Watch and Fitbit are ideal for tracking and improving on earthy activities so your mom doesn’t pull herself too distant –or not distant enough!

Learn some-more about a Fitbit and a Apple Watch.


Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

eco-friendly yoga matInstead of selling those inexpensive Walmart chemically-infused poisonous yoga mats, cruise picking adult an eco-friendly yoga pad for your one and usually mama. And eco-friendly doesn’t meant costly – these mats are competitively labelled and come in a operation of sizes, colors, and dimensions.


Reusable Water Bottle

klean kanteenA well-hydrated mom is a healthy mom –these reusable H2O bottles are BPA-free, and some can even filter H2O on a fly! Check out a Klean Kanteen and this selection of filtered H2O bottles.


In Summary

We could spend all day window selling for a moms, and wish we’ve desirous we with some ideas for your possess moms on their special day! Are there any eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts you’d put on this list? If so, we’d adore to hear your suggestions on Twitter @greenerideal.

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