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June 12, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


Apple is going to be introducing a new process for e-book companies to be means to assign for subscription fees. Currently, Apple takes a 30% cut of subscription fees on a App Store, though now, if a patron stays subscribed to a use for mixed years, Apple will usually take a 15% cut, withdrawal 85% of a increase for a e-book company.

I consider a apparent patron of a new app subscription process will be Amazon and their Kindle Unlimited program. This creates a many clarity to me, since a immeasurable infancy of their e-book catalog are indie authors and tiny publishers. These are a form of people that would unequivocally puncture removing some-more bearing on a Apple platform, where statistically a normal patron spends some-more income on in-app purchases and subscription fees. Amazon would expected have to adjust a kingship rates on a Apple platform, in sequence for a association sojourn profitable.

Scribd is one of a few e-book subscription sites left standing, after Entittle and Oyster went bankrupt. They now offer 3 books and 1 audiobook, and entrance to piece music, documents, and Scribd Selects for $8.99 per month. we consider they would be means to beget some-more income by locking in users for a one year subscription and charity them a discount.

The new subscription options should go live in a integrate of months, while Apple puts a finishing touches on a new system.

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