Does a Amazon Kindle Oasis go in your laptop bag?

May 14, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon is creation a bold try to captivate us behind to e-books.

I will acknowledge I’m tender with a new Kindle Oasis e-reader, that I’ve been contrast for a few days now. It’s light adequate to reason simply in one hand, weighing usually 4.6 ounces. It’s also about a distance of dual label decks, that is tiny adequate that it would fit simply in a laptop bag.

However, we have to make a tough preference if we wish to hang with a high-res, super-white shade for book reading. Tablets are many some-more stretchable in terms of a apps we can run, regulating a earthy keyboard, personification games or examination (ahem) Amazon Prime movies.

In my tests, we used a Oasis to examination a Nathaniel Philbrick book Valiant Ambition that tells a story of George Washington and Benedict Arnold and how they motionless a predestine of a American Revolution, flipping simply on pages with a swipe. There are dual hardware buttons on a side for branch a digital page, yet we frequency used those. The energy symbol on tip is easy to find as well.