DIY-IT plan guide: The ultimate apparatus for SMBs

January 6, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


About DIY-IT’s Project Guide

No matter how successful we are, when you’re a tiny business owner, persperate equity is a vital resource. Basically, whenever we can DIY something and possibly save some income or get a formerly unobtainable capability, we do so.

Since I’m a geek, my life is filled with engaging hacks and projects that let me do some-more than a normal tiny business bill would allow. And, also, given I’m a geek, my life is also filled with hacks that are simply cool, fun, or usually plain neat.

Many of these projects, like a Broadband Studio, are stoical of smaller projects. Each of those are discussed as particular articles. This beam is designed to total those particular posts, so we can find all associated to a given devise in one place.

Here during ZDNet’s DIY-IT, a thought is to take we inside some of those projects, enthuse you, and — when we’re unequivocally propitious — get desirous behind by you.

See also: And now for something totally different. Welcome to DIY-IT!

So, let’s get started with one of a favorite projects…

3D copy is apropos affordable and easy adequate to use that we design to see augmenting adoption among finish users, tiny businesses, and artistic professionals. In a 3D Printing Discovery Series, we go hands on and, training together, start using, designing, and formulating with 3D printing.

  • 3D copy will be huge, in a many tedious and fascinating ways imaginable
  • 3D copy hands on: Getting started with my desktop MakerBot
  • 3D copy hands on: Downloading and copy earthy objects from a Internet
  • 20 Star Wars goodies we can download and 3D imitation now
  • First look: MakerBot introduces Smart Extruder+ (and it’s flattering nice)
  • Building a 3D logging drudge with LEGO (Oh, so cold video)
  • Back to all a projects…

    The Google Voice devise started creatively in 2011, and was afterwards updated in 2014, with some serve updates in 2015. As Google Voice has changed, along with smartphone capabilities, we migrated from a landline-centric phone sourroundings to a smartphone-centric phone environment. In presenting this array of articles, I’ll take we by chronologically in terms of how we explored Google Voice. That means a final essay will be a many benefaction in terms of my stream use (which is roughly reduced from what it started out as).

    • Google Voice: The ultimate how-to guide
    • Number portability does not need Google Voice
    • Google Voice: Just given we can pier your number, should you?
    • Google Voice: A step-by-step authority on ditching your landline while gripping your number
    • Google Voice: A cheapskate’s beam to inexpensive VoIP
    • Google Voice: Configuring a formidable home office
    • Google Voice: How to connect your practical phone numbers
    • Google Voice: Beyond Gmail. Get voicemail and texts regulating any email patron we want
    • Google Voice: The ultimate iPhone how-to
    • Google Voice: The ultimate Android how-to
    • Google Voice: In a automobile with Android
    • Google Voice: The SMS guide
    • Moving from Google Voice to Hangouts for SMS
    • How to build an SMS content auto-responder regulating Google Voice and Gmail
    • Dear Google: we need a peculiarity retreat phone array lookup for Google Voice
    • Taking a Google Voice bureau to a impassioned with Ooma
    • Google Voice: What if Google cancels Google Voice?
    • Is Google Voice still relevant? A phone buyer’s guide
    • Google Voice and Skype: Rethinking GV and a landline handset solution
    • How to supplement Google Voice voicemail to your iPhone – with your stream number
    • Thank you, Google, for a new task assignment: Hangouts vs. Chat
    • Back to all a projects…

      This devise started with a elementary goal: emanate a near-broadcast peculiarity studio for Skype video in a gangling bedroom. Over time, however, it stretched over Skype and we continue to tweak it, labour it, and supplement new capabilities.

      • Building a broadcast-quality video studio for Skype in a 10×9 feet space
      • Soundproofing a Skype Studio
      • Finding a camcorder that works with Skype is harder than we competence expect
      • Choosing a right mechanism to energy a Skype Studio
      • Getting started with immature shade (Skype Studio project)
      • Green shade lighting in a Skype Studio
      • Feeding immature shade chroma pivotal into Skype
      • Lessons schooled from a initial full uncover (Skype Studio project)
      • How Camtasia saved a webcast…literally
      • Optimize your audio rigging for pro-quality Google Hangouts
      • Back to all a projects…

        There are usually 24 hours in a day; during slightest a few of them should be used for sleep. The rest of them have to be separate between family time, personification with a puppy, binge-watching Netflix, and, we know, creation a living. Every year, it seems we’re asked to do some-more and some-more with reduction and reduction time. Here, then, are a array of articles that can assistance we boost your productivity, get some-more out of your day, and make certain we don’t dump any critical balls by a cracks in your life. Let’s do this!

        • My tip capability collection and tricks for handling my daily workflow
        • Why we code: How to cruise about side projects
        • The Golden Rule for holding control of your out-of-control to-do list
        • Take control of your priorities: Your to-do list is not a transfer ground
        • Ten techie homeowner tips for Jason’s new house
        • Combining Feedly and Todoist into an ad-hoc bug and ticket-tracking system
        • Trim those teams: Why increasing capability is usually a pizza (or two) away
        • How to penetrate a cloud app to change a demeanour (using Todoist as an example)
        • Chrome energy tools: Two extensions classify your browsing
        • Contact managers and CRM systems are impossibly stupid
        • Does your email residence contend you’re a rube?
        • How we crowdsourced my puppy’s name
        • How we spent my winter staycation
        • How to pronounce geek and change nerds. Wait…what?
        • I finally figured out how to use Google Keep with Evernote
        • Using a Force: A gentleman’s beam to flourishing workshops
        • Going ostrich: In face of disaster, it’s a ultimate hosting provider fail
        • It’s on a list: an essential beam for IT folks handling daily life
        • Pro tip: Evernote keeps a finish story of all your changes
        • Pro tip: Save income with an auto-renew services audit
        • Quickbooks or Sithbooks? Bookkeeping on a dim side
        • The one pivotal order for flourishing a Groupon deal
        • Six elementary ways to revoke your wrist pain
        • Getting by with pre-post-PC inclination in a post-PC world
        • Product shootout: A comparison of 6 media core keyboards
        • David’s beam to flourishing Thanksgiving
        • 10 New Year’s resolutions for geeks
        • Back to all a projects…

          My initial iPhone was an iPhone 3G. Then we upgraded to a iPhone 4s. Then we jumped boat to a Android Galaxy S4. But now I’m back, carrying an iPhone 6s Plus as my daily driver. We also possess a raise of iPads (along with some Nexus tablets and Kindles). With a assistance of a loaner from Microsoft, we also subjected a flagship Windows phone to a test. If you’re meddlesome in mobile and smartphones (and who isn’t?), here are some articles that competence assistance we out.

          Carrier and shopping tips

          • Battle of a iPhone preliminary (wireless) Qi chargers
          • Can we tarry dual hours though your smartphone?
          • Is that smartphone insurance module value it?
          • Is a smartphone murdering off society’s amicable skills?
          • So your agreement is up: What if we usually kept your aged phone?
          • Mobile devise pricing: The law is out there
          • If we have Verizon, we have desktop SMS (you usually competence not know it)
          • Why does my ATT store smell like a locker room?


          • Planning a phone upgrade: Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 edition
          • When a Galaxy S6 comes out, should we upgrade? (rumors and innuendo edition)
          • Why ‘Ok Google’ needs a new catchphrase
          • 25 things my new Android phone does that creates my iPhone feel like it comes from a 1990s
          • Why is Chrome for Android still a second-class citizen?
          • Customize your Android phone for Thanksgiving
          • When it comes to Android vs. iOS in a enterprise, Android is a Borg
          • This singular screenshot shows given iOS is years behind Android in usability
          • The blank WMD from Android PCs: full Chrome
          • Did we know we can use Palm Desktop with your Android phone?
          • 10 things we skip about my iPhone now that I’m on Android
          • iOS 7: given I’m finally transfer my iPhone for an Android


          • I left Android for a iPhone 6s Plus. First we hated it. Then we didn’t
          • Four hours in Apple Store hell: What iPhone Upgrade business need to know
          • Despite glossy new iPhone 6s and iOS 9, one underline hasn’t altered given initial iPhone
          • After dual years of Android, is it time to switch behind to iPhone?
          • Six Clicks: Six systemic factors that competence impede Apple Pay’s success
          • Just contend no to Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6: Why I’m not upgrading to possibly one
          • Brand wars: When it comes to search, Android smokes iOS, though iPhone blows a hosiery off Android
          • 10 totally absurd iPhone rumors we usually done up
          • 18 shiny, happy things iPhone and iPad users contend to feel improved about themselves
          • Proof that Apple’s categorical iPad and iPhone interface has hardly altered in 20 years (Gallery)
          • True confessions of a former iPhone developer
          • Five reasons NOT to get an iPhone 5
          • We’ve come a prolonged way, baby: a iPhone 4 vs. a IBM PC (Infographic)
          • How regulating an iPhone 4S can kill your whole network (true story)
          • How to decide: should we buy an iPhone or an Android phone?
          • The dual reasons we avoided Android and finally upgraded to a comparatively tedious iPhone 4S
          • iPhone 4S: what we got right and what we got wrong

          Apple Watch

          • So Apple’s watch incited out to be a thick, ugly, costly yawner


          • The one new iOS 8 underline that competence make it value going behind to Apple
          • iOS developers abandoning falling Apple mothership: Biggest dump ever
          • iOS 8: Why we won’t ascent my iPhone or iPad


          • If Apple can’t keep a possess site up, can we unequivocally count on iCloud?
          • iTunes needs to turn a cloud app

          Windows Phone

          • Windows Phone: The final review
          • Windows Phone app challenge: Can it mount adult to a large boys?
          • Six Clicks: Six ways Windows Phone is improved than iPhone
          • First impressions: Lumia Icon Windows Phone (unboxing)
          • Windows Phone 8.1: What if it’s indeed good?
          • Back to all a projects…

            Just how distant can one pull a late-2013 iMac? In this array of articles, we take we by my logic and setup of what is now my categorical desktop machine. Further down, we can review some-more of my articles on Macs and OS X.

            Maxed-out iMac

            • Maxed-out iMac: usually how distant can we pull this thing?
            • Why we chose a maxed-out iMac over a absolute PC
            • Why we bought a duped out iMac instead of a Mac Pro
            • Making it work: Four displays on a beast iMac
            • Using Parallels in Coherence mode on a four-monitor iMac

            Macs and OS X

            • Refreshed MacBook Pro: Stunningly quick storage, scary touchpad, pleasant display
            • New MacBook vs Air and Pro: Will tool lust blind a intelligent laptop shopper?
            • Beyond iCloud: Syncing your Desktop and Documents between Macs regulating Dropbox
            • 10 good apps too absolute for a Mac app store
            • 10 quirky tiny OS X add-ons that boost productivity
            • Has Apple given adult on a Mac App store?
            • When Yosemite went wonky: Fixing an OS X systems failure
            • How to confirm if it’s time to ascent to OS X Yosemite
            • Why Apple’s Swift competence be a new BASIC, and that’s no tiny thing
            • Why doesn’t anyone caring about CES? Oh, wait. Apple’s not there
            • Five Apple products we indeed like

            Some aged Mavericks rants

            • After all this time, how can OS X Mavericks STILL be this bad?
            • From Mavericks behind to Mountain Lion: so many for that plan
            • Apple is still shipping Macs with Mountain Lion, not Mavericks
            • Open minute to Tim Cook: it’s time to call Mavericks beta
            • Back to all a projects…

              I live my veteran life in email. It is a singular many critical focus we use. Over a years, I’ve left on an ongoing query to optimize my email experience. A few years ago, we switched from a hosted Exchange resolution to Office 365 and afterwards about 18 months later, switched again to Gmail. Here are both sets of stories, along with some useful tips and techniques no matter that email use we use.

              • Google Apps and Office 365 compared in one Venn diagram

              Switching to Gmail

              • Why we bit a bullet and finally switched from Outlook to Gmail
              • Your questions answered: Why we switched from Outlook to Gmail
              • Two weeks later: My switch from Outlook to Gmail
              • Six Clicks: Very handy! Six useful add-ons for Gmail
              • The ultimate beam to Gmail backup
              • Nine questions about Google’s new Inbox by Gmail
              • Gmail, SMTP, DNS and more: Four things we pennyless first, bound later

              Earlier, my switch to Office 365

              • How to quit roughly half a million messages to Office 365 (without tears)
              • My large email switch: Why we picked Office 365 over Google Apps
              • Apparently, Microsoft takes this Office 365 support thing seriously
              • Office 365 after a year: Worth it or not?
              • Office 2016 for Mac: Installation was an astonishing hassle
              • How to behind adult your Office 365 email database to your internal computer
              • Back to all a projects…

                Amazon touches roughly all we do, from hosting a favorite Netflix cinema (and a possess Web sites) to promulgation us a products and services, to providing us with books to read, and even – by a extraordinary Echo – branch a lights off during night and waking us in a morning. Ever given Amazon’s Echo (we call her Alexa) entered a lives, she’s turn partial of a family. In this series, we share reviews, tips, and observations of Amazon’s pivotal products and services.

                General Amazon

                • 15 sites we know, that we competence not know are formed on Amazon Web Services
                • Amazon reduces S3 prices, given $0.11 is too many to charge
                • Hashtag SettleDownBezos: Do we unequivocally need Amazon hashtag grouping on Twitter?
                • Yet another Amazon poor-packing rant
                • Why we competence not wish to buy a tough expostulate from Amazon
                • How Amazon has proven that iTunes is totally obsolete
                • More sum on Amazon’s Fire HD $49 4G-for-a-year program
                • Have PC retailers mislaid a will to live?

                Amazon Echo

                • Amazon Echo: It sucks. It’s awesome. It sucks. We wish dual more
                • Alexa times two: Can dual Amazon Echos find adore and complacency in one home?
                • A dozen useful Amazon Echo how-to tips and tricks
                • The night Alexa mislaid her mind: How AWS outage caused Amazon Echo mayhem
                • How Amazon Echo reduced my work disruptions and available family harmony
                • Why Apple TV/HomeKit doesn’t mount a possibility opposite Amazon Echo
                • Amazon Echo talks to Google Calendar (and you)
                • Amazon Echo unboxing
                • 10 things I’d like to be means to do with Amazon’s Echo

                Kindle Considerations

                • Playing with Fire: Can Amazon’s $50 inscription bake a PC business and save a world?
                • The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is a tiny … odd
                • How to modify your book from InDesign to Kindle in 10 mins or less
                • What to do if we cruise your code new Kindle Fire is dead
                • When to buy an Android inscription and when to buy a Kindle Fire
                • How to take your Kindle Fire detached (video)
                • 12 things that kinda siphon about a Kindle Fire
                • 7 reasons a Kindle Fire is improved than a iPad
                • By subsequent year, a Kindle will be giveaway (chart)
                • 12 reasons we competence NOT wish to buy a Kindle Fire
                • How to confirm between full-sized tablets: iPad, Nexus 10, Kindle HD, Surface RT, and Nook HD+
                • How to decide: should we buy an iPad mini, a Kindle Fire HD, or a Nexus 7?
                • How to decide: should we buy a large Kindle Fire HD or an iPad?
                • How to decide: should we buy a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire?
                • How to decide: should we buy a new iPad or a Kindle Fire?
                • Back to all a projects…

                  It’s mostly utterly a plea determining between purchasing options. In a DIY-IT How to Decide series, we benefaction a pivotal criteria we need to cruise before creation a preference and afterwards travel we by a decision-making routine step-by-step.

                  • How to decide: Should we ascent to Windows 10?
                  • How to decide: should we ascent to Windows 8?
                  • How to confirm between a $199 Windows cover and a Chromebook
                  • How to confirm between full-sized tablets: iPad, Nexus 10, Kindle HD, Surface RT, and Nook HD+
                  • How to decide: should we buy an iPad mini, a Kindle Fire HD, or a Nexus 7?
                  • How to decide: should we buy a large Kindle Fire HD or an iPad?
                  • How to decide: should we buy a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire?
                  • How to decide: should we buy a new iPad or a Kindle Fire?
                  • How to confirm if it’s time to ascent to OS X Yosemite
                  • How to decide: should we buy an iPhone or an Android phone?
                  • How to decide: should we buy an iPad or wait for a Microsoft Surface?
                  • Back to all a projects…

                    Over a past few years, Microsoft has undergone extensive change. In these articles, we account a hits, runs, and startling errors Microsoft has done along a way.

                    Microsoft Strategy

                    • Microsoft, if we wish to kick Evernote with OneNote, you’re going to have to take a gloves off
                    • Dear Microsoft: Please stop violation my ideally good Windows 7
                    • 10 reasons Microsoft is still a force to be reckoned with
                    • Microsoft: It’s time to fire a lawyers
                    • 2014: The year Microsoft mislaid my loyalty
                    • Windows 8: An well-developed OS dismantled by awful marketing
                    • The Chromebook, Windows RT, and a Officebook that competence have been
                    • Okay, let me get this straight. Did Microsoft usually kill a Windows inscription OEM market?
                    • Unless Microsoft pulls an Apple, they won’t gamble a association on Windows 8
                    • Microsoft’s baffling ‘multiple celebrity disorder’
                    • What if Microsoft announces an Xbox tablet?


                    • How to decide: Should we ascent to Windows 10?
                    • Native Windows 8 on a Mac mini: initial impressions
                    • Microsoft’s original, formidable prophesy for Windows 8
                    • 8 lessons schooled from upgrading a dog-slow XP appurtenance to Windows 8
                    • How to make Windows 8 seem normal
                    • Off-label uses for these new, ultra-cheap Windows machines
                    • How to decide: should we ascent to Windows 8?
                    • Dogfooding Windows 8: 6 long-term Windows 8 users tell all
                    • 8 things Microsoft needs to do to save Windows 8
                    • Three ugly, prime group disagree about Windows 8
                    • Why Windows 8 matters for genuine work, and so will Windows 9
                    • The weirdly apparent Windows confidence smirch no one ever seems to pronounce about
                    • Microsoft takes no prisoners with $39 ascent price


                    • Five things that could make a next-gen Surface into a strike product
                    • Surface Pro and Mac mini: some-more identical than you’d think
                    • Five ways Microsoft’s Surface is improved than iPad: Gallery
                    • Microsoft says earnings fine on non-stop Surface RT product packaging
                    • Three days in a life of a once and former Microsoft Surface RT user
                    • 5 large things that perplex me about Microsoft Surface RT

                    XP obsolescence

                    • Did we usually hear this right? Microsoft activation servers will concede new XP installs after doomsday?
                    • The entrance XPocalypse and 5 things Microsoft can do to forestall it
                    • Confession: we usually commissioned a uninformed XP for a friend
                    • XP SP3: Download it while we still can
                    • Hell no, we won’t go: 10 reasons some XP users exclude to upgrade
                    • The land of lost XP installs: Have we looked everywhere?
                    • Back to all a projects…

                      Some of a many renouned articles here on DIY-IT have been stories about how to attain in business (and some cautionary tales about those who haven’t). If you’ve ever wanted to emanate your possess app, start your possess program company, or make income in a business of technology, these articles are for you.

                      • So we have an app thought and wish to make a bajillion bucks
                      • How to mangle into a mobile app business with tiny money and no programming skill
                      • True confessions of a former iPhone developer
                      • Selling your software: Got a right resume for success?
                      • Traps selling professionals face when starting companies
                      • Five ways companies use amicable media and demeanour like jerks
                      • Licensing lessons PC program vendors can learn from Apple’s App Store
                      • Selling software: Where have all a business models gone?
                      • So we wish to be a publisher
                      • Advice for struggling PC program vendors
                      • Precision, depth, and flexibility: a ultimate disproportion between PC program and apps
                      • What not to do when doing tech PR
                      • EverythingMe: How to gamble and remove $35 million on an Android launcher app
                      • The lock-in problem of email newsletter management
                      • Digg wasn’t outmaneuvered. Greed and bad government buried it
                      • Dear inscription vendors: if we can’t announce a cost with your tablet, you’re passed to us
                      • Five reasons I’m adhering with GoDaddy
                      • Mobile or else: Why omni-channel is your usually hope
                      • Why we roughly bit on bitcoin and scarcely bought into a Butterfly Labs scam
                      • Why we kinda like GoDaddy. Hint: it’s all about service.
                      • OK, people: ‘Unlimited’ does not meant three
                      • Prepare your information core for a zombie apocalypse
                      • This ATT sales email looks like a phishing scam, though sadly it’s real
                      • Three sure-fire techniques for losing tiny business customers
                      • Back to all a projects…

                        As a Internet has grown, it has proven disruptive to many industries. One of a final old-school holdouts is television, though not for long. In this array of articles, we try cord-cutting, TV trends, and home TV tech.

                        • 2015 Apple TV: Improved, though can it kick Roku 4?
                        • Apple TV review: A solid in a severe – unequivocally rough
                        • Apple TV 2015 edition: Unboxing a 4th era box
                        • Why TV is doomed: HBO Now and a new cord-cutting economics
                        • Why Apple is developed to interrupt a TV business
                        • Everything we need to know about shopping an HDTV (video)
                        • The HDMI wire ripoff and given sell is unequivocally dying
                        • The impossibly irritating box of a Apple TV update
                        • My new Apple TV is still in China
                        • Back to all a projects…

                          I have a lot of internal storage here during Camp David, many of it for government of media used in my presentations, webcasts, and lessons. In this array of articles, I’ll report dual projects: one a query for a versatile media manager and a other about a construction of my Mark we media tank (which has subsequently been transposed by Drobos.

                          The query for versatile media item management

                          • My infuriatingly catastrophic query for a good media item government tool
                          • Beyond Lightroom: How one Mac energy user found a Holy Grail of media item management
                          • Google Photos is what it is (and it’s not a media manager)
                          • Un-Creative Cloud: Adobe chartering stranded in pre-cloud era

                          Building a Mark we Media Tank

                          • Building a large storage Media Tank
                          • Getting started with a large Media Tank home storage project
                          • Back to all a projects…

                            Chromebooks are engaging beasts. They’re radically browsers-in-a-box. They mix low cost with easy upkeep and comparatively estimable capabilities. In this array of articles, we try a Chromebook.

                            • Milestone: I’m recommending Chromebooks instead of Windows laptops for civilians
                            • How to confirm between a $199 Windows cover and a Chromebook
                            • The business box for Chromebooks in a Mac lab
                            • Alas, bad HP Chromebook 11, we returned we today
                            • Why there are during slightest dual good reasons to buy a Chromebook
                            • The Chromebook, Windows RT, and a Officebook that competence have been
                            • Back to all a projects…

                              Ever given a iPad, tablets and smartphones have eaten divided during a prevalence of a PC. In these articles, we demeanour during tablets and get tough on a choices and options.

                              • Struggling over a choice of an iPad Air or a Galaxy Note 3: preventing buyer’s remorse
                              • Could we use a 64-bit iPad 5 or a Surface 2 as my categorical work computer?
                              • I’m mad we bought an iPad 3. Are you?
                              • How to decide: should we buy an iPad or wait for a Microsoft Surface?
                              • 16 reasons NOT to buy a new iPad (including 7 that haven’t altered from progressing iPads)
                              • If you’re awaiting a new iPad on Friday, make certain there’s someone around to pointer for it
                              • The new iPad: what we got right and what we got wrong
                              • 9 things we don’t know about a iPad 3
                              • How to confirm between full-sized tablets: iPad, Nexus 10, Kindle HD, Surface RT, and Nook HD+
                              • How to decide: should we buy an iPad mini, a Kindle Fire HD, or a Nexus 7?
                              • How to decide: should we buy a large Kindle Fire HD or an iPad?
                              • How to decide: should we buy a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire?
                              • How to decide: should we buy a new iPad or a Kindle Fire?
                              • Back to all a projects…

                                Security is apropos an ever-more critical emanate opposite all of computerdom. Here on ZDNet, we are constantly covering new exploits, tips, and cautionary tales, so make certain we check out Zero Day. We’ve also lonesome confidence topics here on DIY-IT, and a following articles competence infer useful in gripping your computers, servers, and networks secure.

                                • LastPass penetrate reinforces significance of regulating multi-factor authentication
                                • Old people shock me
                                • The one torpedo app that could make us all wish a smartwatch
                                • Internet of things: Sillier and scarier and entrance your way
                                • Uncle Jake: How a internet confuses unchanging users and what we need to do about it
                                • One of my sites got hacked, and it’s my possess fault
                                • WordPress malware: Don’t let too-good-to-be-true deals overrun your site

                                Logitech Alert series

                                • Build an Internet-centric, mobile-enabled video notice system
                                • Logitech Alert review: video notice over energy lines
                                • Video notice over energy lines: yes, it’s possible
                                • Back to all a projects…

                                  Experience provides viewpoint and in this array of articles, we demeanour behind during a changes and expansion in a computing field, as good as some personal use and fight stories.

                                  • Flashback: CP/M and a commencement of a microcomputer era
                                  • How people systematic things in a dim ages (when we grew up)
                                  • I was a teenage programmer before teenage programmers were cool
                                  • One some-more thing. Remembering Steve Jobs.
                                  • Ode to primer typewriters
                                  • The story of a initial photograph
                                  • Trenton Computer Festival, a early days of computing, and me
                                  • The year 2012: a finish of available history?
                                  • Back to all a projects…

                                    I have prolonged had a love-rant attribute with Linux. For years, Linux ran my servers, though it (and a Linux community) have also reached out to punch me where it hurts most. What follows are some tips and tirades about Linux.

                                    • Why a open source mindset can be crazy-making for IT professionals
                                    • Five reasons I’d rather run Windows 8 than Linux
                                    • Mea culpa: entrance purify about my n00b Linux mistakes
                                    • Why I’ve finally had it with my Linux server and I’m relocating behind to Windows
                                    • If we have a puzzling problem with a Linux box, try bashing your complement with sys_basher
                                    • Why open-source WebOS has legs: given people fear Google
                                    • Back to all a projects…

                                      When we pronounce of “the cloud,” we’re unequivocally regulating a shorthand for services located off-premises, in information centers operated mostly by vendors like Amazon and Google. IT has altered ever given it became probable to offload collateral expenditures to use providers and buy IT capabilities as we need it. But there are challenges. The following articles demeanour during “the cloud” and assistance we know a hurdles and choices, so we can make sensitive decisions.

                                      • Before we dump your servers for a cloud, cruise these doomsday scenarios
                                      • Cloud services that don’t accommodate these patron expectations will fail
                                      • Rethinking CAPEX and OPEX in a cloud-centric world
                                      • The changing markets for software: a freemium cloud indication competence be your best choice
                                      • Building a predictive indication for cloud IT adoption
                                      • Cloud applications: Do we unequivocally need another automobile payment?
                                      • Security implications of open vs. private clouds
                                      • Cloud support: given is a reason song so bad?
                                      • How CrashPlan cloud backup saved my bacon
                                      • Heating adult a plead over open vs. private clouds
                                      • The abuse of giveaway cloud services: a cautionary tale
                                      • Repurposing aged malls into datacenters: A applicable idea?
                                      • Dedicated vs VPS: Understanding your server options
                                      • How analytics can urge supply sequence agility
                                      • Consumer-friendly products siphon and post-PC is a fantasy
                                      • Dropbox is everywhere, though not, apparently, on many servers
                                      • Back to all a projects…

                                        Of all a apps and applications we use any day, a browser is substantially a many important. Like many of us, I’ve changed to Chrome. Here are some articles, tips, and thoughts about Chrome and Firefox (remember Firefox?).

                                        • How to invalidate Chrome’s new extra-thick menus
                                        • Yeah, we bought a Chromecast, and I’m not certain why
                                        • 20 essential, time-saving Chrome extensions
                                        • Forgive me, Firefox, for we have sinned; Chrome is my new adore now
                                        • A quick-and-dirty approach to speed adult Firefox (a lot)
                                        • Back to all a projects…

                                          I now work some-more than a dozen Web sites, including repository sites containing thousands of articles. Since about 2010, many of those sites have run on WordPress. This essay array contains tips and techniques for handling WordPress sites, along with some hard-won lessons we schooled along a way.

                                          • Building a tradition WordPress site? These collection will revoke your pain
                                          • My open-source WordPress plug-in: Lessons schooled from a recover left wrong
                                          • WordPress malware: Don’t let too-good-to-be-true deals overrun your site
                                          • WordPress: is it protected to use for my websites?
                                          • How to optimize your site like
                                          • Migrating a large bequest CMS to WordPress though losing your mind
                                          • Understanding a opposite WordPress variants
                                          • Programmatically importing thousands of featured picture post thumbnails into WordPress
                                          • One of my sites got hacked, and it’s my possess fault
                                          • Freshening adult your Google extract with robots.txt
                                          • VM stories: VM creates memory contrast easier and faster
                                          • How to ascent a WordPress thesis after you’ve hacked a heck out of it
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                                            In a video series, Better Know a Blogger, we lay down for in-depth conversations with highly-respected bloggers and plead not usually their areas of expertise, though their lifestyles, blogging practice, and more.

                                            • Better Know a Blogger: James Kendrick (video)
                                            • Better know a blogger: Jason Perlow (video)
                                            • Better Know a Blogger: Matt Baxter-Reynolds on a genocide of a PC
                                            • Wearable tech: Why health and aptness will browbeat approach over a smartwatch

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