Desktop Alert Exceeds 2016 USAF DoD Mass Notification AFI 10-206 (Video)

July 30, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Howard Ryan, Founder Desktop Alert Inc.
Desktop Alert Inc. Meets and Exceeds New Jul 2016 Air Force Guidance Memorandum to AFI 10-206 for Mass Warning and Alert Notification. Affirms ‘Less Than One Minute’ alerting height explain with DoD customer reports. Howard Ryan, Founder Desktop Alert Inc.

Desktop Alert products accommodate a new Jul 2016 Air Force Guidance Memorandum to AFI 10-206 for Mass Warning and Alert Notification.

“Agencies such as Northern Command and NORAD, a U.S. National Guard nationwide, NATO Headquarters in Belgium and Norfolk Virginia, a U.S. Coast Guard National Capital Region, a U.S Army and now a NAVY Post Graduate School all accommodate these newly published severe network alerting charge with a rarely scalable, rarely affordable Mass Notification Platform” , pronounced Howard Ryan, Founder Desktop Alert Inc.

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“Below is a justification of correspondence with these essential mandates set onward by a United States Air Force.” Ryan added.

8.1. System Capabilities. The USAF’s baseline charge for an Installation’s EMNS are a following components (T-1):

8.1.1. Network Alerting System (NAS): that consists of e-mail, content messaging, and desktop pop-up notifications to USAF personnel.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert now provides these charge to The Army and Air National Guard Nationwide and good over 1 million DoD users during countless DoD agencies. Further justification of correspondence is by trait of a fact that a association shares alerting information opposite rival bounds around secure Common Alerting Protocol integration, secure API interfaces and secure e-mail gateways.

8.1.2. Telephone Alerting System (TAS): that consists of a capability of dialing work, home, mobile numbers and Short Message Service (SMS) text.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert now provides these charge to The Army and Air National Guard Nationwide and good over 1 million DoD users during countless DoD agencies.

8.1.3. Giant Voice: that consists of a capability to confederate with a EMNS during all Main Operating Bases.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert formation capabilities embody a ability to confederate with all famous DoD Giant Voice vendors such as ATISystems, Federal Signal, Coopers and more.

8.1.4. Smart Device Applications: that consists of a capability for presentation and tellurian positioning to warning targeted members/installations/sites within 20 miles of an event, and 100 miles if events escalate.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert is a usually stream DoD businessman that provides this capability for Smart Device Applications on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Kindle.

8.1.5. Cloud Solution: that consists of a capability to diminution a information record (IT) footprint and yield poignant savings, while improving end-users services and cybersecurity.

desktop alert8.1.6. Hierarchical Infrastructure Notification Capability: that consists of joining installations, MAJCOMs, FOAs, DRUs, and Headquarters Air Force (HAF) to yield fast interoperable presentation of an event.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert and countless DoD partners have usually successfully announced “Northern Command / NORAD, West Point Military Academy and a National Guard Successfully Conduct Bi-Directional Mass Notification Alerting Utilizing DTA Connect™” that employed a cloud for cross-agency alerting.

8.1.7. Minimal Training: that consists of minimal training to start evident use of a complement (i.e. web-based tutorials for crew as needed).

  • Evidence of Compliance: Over a 10 year period, over 95% of all Desktop Alert MNS Systems during DoD have been commissioned remotely (no onsite engineers) and supposing with QUICK START webinar training (no onsite training required) supplemented by digital training materials.

8.1.8. Dependent Access: that consists of permitting AF crew a choice to concede dependents to accept notifications.

  • Evidence of Compliance: All Desktop Alert DoD users are supposing with a User Management Portal that allows for total further of dependents to accept notifications.

8.1.9. Turnkey: that consists of a complement able with minimal to no impact a seamless transition to an halt EMNS solution, reaching operational standing in reduction than 90 days.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert has transposed existent and identical ip-based alerting systems with minimal impact and has ceaselessly reached operational standing in reduction than 30 days.

8.2. EMNS shall be able of providing both warning presentation as good as acknowledgment of receipt of a notification

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert provides all DoD clients with bi-directional warning receipt confirmations around a innumerable of inclination including SMS, phone, e-mail, desktop pop-ups, mobile inclination and some-more upheld by debate stating details.

8.3. Notification Requirements. Within 2 mins or reduction after initiation, a EMNS contingency strech a aim assembly of 90 percent or some-more of on and off-installation crew with specific protecting movement recommendations (mass warning) and 100 percent of reserved EM resources, including initial responders, initial receivers, and puncture responders (notification) (T-1).

  • Evidence of Compliance: When lives are during stake, seconds count. More so than any famous authorized DoD vendor, Desktop Alert has a proven lane record cemented with corroboration from a DoD clients that a alerting height delivers NAS alerts in underneath one notation to all logged in personnel. Further, a mobile device alerting capability, built on Microsoft Azure, delivers all mobile alerts in reduction than 5 seconds worldwide. Our association website LOGO has settled ‘less than one notation notification’ for good over 5 years and is buttressed by a reduction than one notation alerting patent. Further justification of this proven capability was illustrated by a commendation perceived from Fort Hood during an active shooter event. Desktop Alert is a fastest NAS Mass Notification System during DoD and Worldwide.

8.3.1. Within 1 hour after initiation, EMNS should strech 100% of a on and off-installation personnel.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Repeatedly, Desktop Alert has met and exceeded such charge with 100% of all of a DoD clients.

8.3.2. Alert notifications (i.e. Duress, Field Reporting, etc.) imagining from crew during off-installation comforts should essay to be instituted within dual mins of occurrence verification, after hit is done to internal puncture response army by dialing 911 (or homogeneous puncture center).

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert provides a worldly nonetheless easy-to-use alerting extensibility to famous or ‘unknown systems’. These famous or different authorized systems can confederate for bi-directional alerting with Desktop Alert around a Common Alerting Protocol, secure e-mail gateways, secure phone activations, program API’s and earthy activation inclination such as panic buttons or beacons. Our complement exceeds this requirement mandate.

8.4. Personally identifiable information (PII). PII information in a EMNS database will be stable as compulsory by all sovereign laws and regulations. Global Positioning System (GPS) information will usually get accessed by a complement to broadcast notifications to crew in a impacted area for a purpose of providing an puncture alert. All generated annals and reports will be stable as FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and will be shredded/deleted IAW a annals showing schedule. GPS coordinates will usually be collected from personal inclination when a user willingly activates a location/GPS feature. All GPS coordinates will be automatically overwritten immediately after a notification.

  • Evidence of Compliance: Desktop Alert has submitted for a renovation DoD MNS and Mobile Application accreditation and acceptance to a Department of Air Force in mid-2015. Desktop Alert is one of usually dual companies worldwide now authorized on a DISA APL.

desktop warning logoDesktop Alert is a heading provider of craving mass presentation and puncture communications to a United States Department of Defense. Its innovative and law program has been internationally famous as a “Best Mass Notification” and “Best First Responder Interoperable Communications” system.

Desktop Alert provides a apartment of scalable, flexible, and variable communication, collaboration, and situational recognition collection in environments trimming from stern – no human infrastructure support – to entirely complicated with endless IP and bequest complement integration’s.

Desktop Alert allows people and organizations to boost a volume and quickness of information in sequence to safeguard effective preference making, coordination, active village engagement, and open awareness.

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