ComiXology Unlimited isn’t Netflix for comics – here’s because that’s OK

May 27, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

This week, Amazon announced that a comic book platform, ComiXology, would start charity an unlimited reading subscription for $6 per month. The service, called ComiXology Unlimited, offers thousands of comics giveaway to review as prolonged as we have an active subscription. It works many like Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service.

ComiXology Unlimited immediately drew comparisons to video streaming use Netflix, as it authorised subscribers entrance to a immeasurable catalog of media for a monthly price. However, that comparison valid to be false and frustrating for fans who approaching to be means to binge-read all their favorite comic books.

While ComiXology Unlimited does offer thousands of comics to read, it’s some-more for sampling than binge-reading. The initial volumes of a array are customarily available, yet you’ll have to squeeze particular issues or collected editions if we wish to keep on reading.

I spoke with ComiXology CEO David Steinberger about fans being unhappy that Unlimited isn’t utterly a Netflix for comic books they were anticipating for. “I get that people wish a Netflix-like subscription,” he tells me. “It would be good if we could get there, yet what we wanted to grasp with [ComiXology Unlimited] is swelling a comic book reading assembly first.”

ComiXology Unlimited for AndroidTo be fair, Amazon never betrothed to make a whole catalog accessible with ComiXology Unlimited. The service’s FAQ territory claims a subscription offers “thousands of titles,” yet never says we can review each comic in a database with a subscription.

Comics are scandalous for being an dear endeavor, says Steinberger. “You have a few guys writing, drawing, and coloring 20 pages per month, and it’s expensive. There’s too many during interest for a truly total subscription. We wish to make some-more artists and get them some-more readers.”

For $6 a month, ComiXology Unlimited is a absurd take as many singular emanate comics cost between $0.99 and $4.99. Collected volumes cost even more, so carrying a ability to review a initial volumes of a ton of comics for a cost creates clarity for comic newbies.

“I consider there’s something for everybody,” says Steinberger. “I consider people will run into calm they adore and will continue ancillary a people formulating it.”

As for seasoned comic readers, Steinberger thinks Unlimited is still a good use for discovery.

“I know too many core [comic readers] that don’t bend out. Unlimited creates it easy to dive right in and try a new set of series.”

ComiXology skeleton to supplement some-more calm to a Unlimited devise over time, yet a association has pronounced it’ll mislay comics each so mostly during a ask of calm creators. This isn’t anything new, as cinema and TV shows get pulled from Netflix all a time.

I, too, was primarily unhappy by ComiXology Unlimited, yet after spending a integrate of days with it, we can see a value in carrying a use to curate lesser-known comics. “We spent a prolonged time meditative about what comics people should be reading. We wanted to assistance smaller array get a spotlight they deserve,” explains Steinberger.

If you’re ill of a standard superhero comic, ComiXology Unlimited is a good approach to learn singular stories that aren’t all about superheroes, that you’d find with competing subscription services like Marvel Unlimited.

But, during a finish of a day, comics are still dear to buy, so we can’t see a durability interest of a ComiXology Unlimited subscription if it’s purpose is to remonstrate readers to squeeze comics.

It is useful, though, for those who are only removing started and readers who are wearied with their common rotation. My wish is that ComiXology Unlimited does eventually turn Netflix for comics. Unfortunately, with comics being so dear to produce, it might be utterly a prolonged time, if ever, before that happens.

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